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Insight mailer is India's first feedback management software developed for Amazon sellers launched by Altius technology solution. Nowadays, customer feedback and review plays an important role.This Amazon Seller Tool is a narrow bridge between customers and sellers.

Insight Mailer works as a best Amazon Seller Software to retrive customer ratings/reviews, to send e-mails campaigns to customers and to offer promotions for various products.

Our Process


Register and integrate!

Once you register and fill up the default details in Insight Mailer, you have integrated the Amazon Seller account with the insight mailer feedback tool.

Syncing your seller account!

After successfully integrating your account, all your products and orders will sync with insight mailer from your amazon marketplace.

Automate e-mail campaigns!

To send out mails to your customers, fill your name, select your template, choose your ASIN code and mention the required trigger.

Customize promotions!

Promotions can be sent out by filling the required details like discount price, personal message, Mailing Gap, promotion title and coupon code.


On time every time

Schedule your email once and Insight Mailer will do the rest.

Accelerate your sales

Attract and capture ready to buy shoppers with targeted product

Zero diversion

Insight Mailer will completely automate the review requesting

Sentiment Analysis

Insight Mailer is capable of comprehending and segregating

Email Blacklisting

Targets right customers for product reviews and seller feedback

100% Compliant

All our features are 100% compliant with Amazon marketplace






App Rates



“Insight Mailer gives us the opportunity to communicate with our Amazon customers through promotional and email campaigns. I see a positive growth in sales after I started using this tool. Also, unlike other third party seller tools Insight Mailer is easy to use.”

Beena Enterprises

“My positive review and feedback counts have increased after Insight Mailer. It automates my complete feedback management process and gives me ample time to focus on other business building activities. This would be good addition and I strongly recommend this tool.”

Kazima Enterprises

“Insightmailer is one of my favourite seller tools. Not only does it manage my feedback requesting process but also provides me insights for business improvement. Their Dashboard is amazing with simple and valuable analytics.”

Donum Naturals

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