Forcesight always finds a better way to innovate, Digitalize and make products smarter. It essentially focuses
on solutions & services for Market Place Sellers to improve their sales & profits.

We have developed an Amazon Feedback Tool called “Insight Mailer” for organically increasing your seller/product rating and ranking through targeted feedback requesting and promotional campaigns

This Feedback Tool will make your work easy at a minimal cost and drastically increase your ranking sales.

Key Highlights about Insight Mailer

  • Automate your e-mail messaging and feedback requesting process.

  • Capture customer attention through targeted promotional campaigns.

  • Ensure right messages are delivered at the right time through targeted email campaigns.

  • Insight Mailer helps you understand the sentiments of your customers and target the right shoppers through its unique algorithm.

This Amazon Review Software can clearly help you in increasing your sales and improving the name of your business. It ensures that all your customers are satisfied.

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