3 reason for insight mailer

3 reasons why Insight Mailer is a must for Amazon sellers?

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool facilitates 3 important functionalities Helps to improve Amazon seller reputation In Amazon business, a seller reputation is determined by 2 important factors: product reviews and seller  rating. The tool aids to improve all of these. How does it work? Amazon feedback and review management involves two important tasks. Firstly, facilitates to handle negative feedback more effectively The tool provides notification as and when negative feedback is received, and also allows you to rectify negative feedback through professional email communication. Turns out more easier, as it provides you with feedback specific rich templates. Secondly, aids to get more product reviews, seller feedback and ratings that are positive And also, the tool has a wide range […]

cross sell your amazon listing

Cross-sell Amazon product listings with Insight Mailer

Today, mostly all the business are implementing strategies like up-selling and cross-selling to boost their sales revenue. Considering the brick and mortar store, they are trying to cross-sell or up-sell products via deals and discounts, and arrangement of products in the store also has a greater impact. The same is applicable for online business too. When it comes to Amazon business, the competition is high and there are plenty of other sellers who are selling the same or similar product as yours. One of the smart moves is upselling or cross-selling the products on your selling list to the customers who have already made purchases from you. They are your most potential customer base. It is a perfect strategy and […]

A-Z Amazon Guarantee claim

Best practices to escape A-Z Guarantee claims

What is Amazon A-Z Guarantee claims?  These are claims that can be raised by the customers against the sellers. The claims are addressed to Amazon service center. Why are the A-Z guarantee claims a key element to consider?  As an Amazon seller, you are aware of ODR (Order Defect Rate). It is one of the important metrics that define the performance of your seller account. Amazon policy is that the ODR percentage should not exceed 1% of the total orders. A-Z Guarantee claim is one of the three elements that contribute to ODR percentages. Get to know more about it @ https://www.insightmailer.com/blog/what-a-seller-need-to-know-about-amazon-account-health/ When can a customer raise A-Z Guarantee claim? A customer can raise A-Z Guarantee claim under any one […]

Amazon prime day sale 2019

Deals Deals Deals. Amazon Prime Day is here!

One of the most look-forward-to event for all Amazon sellers is the Prime Day event. On the 15th & 16th of July, the Amazon shopping portal will see mind-blowing deals with high traffic & nerve wrecking purchase behavior from customers. A heaven day for sellers, Amazon will fulfill all Prime orders in less than 3 days. Packaging and logistics related issues will be taken care of. New launches of products are expected on Prime day. Insight Mailer tool can be used to send your customized email campaigns that can be automatically scheduled for all your sales orders. The dashboard will also help you reach out to your most loyal and single-purchase customer’s post-sales, for feedback and reviews. Think of it […]

Amazon pricing

Simple tips to price your Amazon products

Consider your total cost First and foremost, analyze and calculate the total cost of the product For a manufacturer, the following costs will be involved Raw material cost Overheads Tax For a retailer, the following costs will be involved Cost price Tax Once you have calculated the total cost of the product, define the profit margin for the product. The selling price can usually fluctuate (+ or -) depending on some of the factors that will be discussed henceforth on this blog. Analyze your competition  When you are selling on Amazon, you are one among plenty of other sellers and there will be at least more than 10 sellers who are into the same/ similar product segment as you are. […]

Sales Rank on Amazon

Mastering sales ranking on Amazon

What is an Amazon sales ranking? The rank is specified for each SKU (product) and Amazon algorithm updates it on frequent basis. Amazon algorithm considers the performance of earlier sales to determine the rank. To note: The rank is independent of the product category. Where does the sales ranking gets indexed on the product page? Amazon sales rank gets indexed in the product information widget on the product page. Importance of mastering sales ranking 1: Higher the sales rank, higher is the chance of attracting customers to the product pages Higher the sales rank,  better is your Amazon sales. Let’s say, a customer is searching for mobile accessories on Amazon. There are plenty of sellers who are into the same […]