Insight Mailer is a must for Amazon sellers

3 reasons why Insight Mailer is a must for Amazon sellers?

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool facilitates 3 important functionalities

Helps to improve Amazon seller reputation

In Amazon business, a seller reputation is determined by 2 important factors: product reviews and seller  rating. The tool aids to improve all of these.

How does it work?

Amazon feedback and review management involves two important tasks.

Firstly, facilitates to handle negative feedback more effectively

The tool provides notification as and when negative feedback is received, and also allows you to rectify negative feedback through professional email communication. Turns out more easier, as it provides you with feedback specific rich templates.

Secondly, aids to get more product reviews, seller feedback and ratings that are positive

And also, the tool has a wide range of feedback/review/rating request email templates that can be tailored perfectly to facilitate the process of receiving more seller feedback, rating and product reviews from Amazon customers.

Helps to improve Amazon sales revenue through product promotions

The tool facilitates to increase Amazon sales revenue through rich and segmented product promotions that can be tailored perfectly to tap the existing customer base.

The product promotions are successful as they are strategically segmented and addressed.

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Helps to manage your Amazon business through rich data-driven insights

The tool provides you with rich insights on your Amazon business like

  • Customer geolocation
  • High and low selling products
  • Repeat customer details
  • Order statistics

Each of these insights aids to manage Amazon business more effectively to achieve more sales.

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