remove negative feedback on Amazon

3 ways to remove negative feedback on Amazon?

1. Amazon will take full responsibility for negative feedback if you are a FBA seller

If you are a registered FBA seller, Amazon takes full responsibility for your product storage, packaging, shipments and customer services.

And hence, any negative seller feedback will be addressed by Amazon with the following message.

This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.

2. You can contact Amazon to remove negative feedback if the provided feedback violates Amazon guidelines

Amazon has put forward a few guidelines for seller feedback.

And, if the feedback provided by buyers violates any of these guidelines, you can contact Amazon to remove the negative feedback.

The feedback is against Amazon guidelines if it falls under any of these below-mentioned categories.

  • Review of products mentioned in the seller feedback section
  • Any kind of promotional message
  • Any kind of offensive language
  • Any kind of personally identifiable information

In such cases, sellers can contact Amazon to remove the negative feedback

3. You can contact the buyer to remove negative feedback

In case you are a non-FBA seller, and a buyer has left negative feedback and if it is justified, you can take all possible actions to rectify the poor reputation that it can bring in.

You can contact the buyer by sending a series of emails to them.

And definitely, the mail should cover apology for the inconvenience as well as a valid and justifiable reason for it.

Plus, it is highly vital to add corrective action or the assistance that you can cater to regain the confidence level of the buyers.

The email can be as follows:

Hello buyer name,

We understand that you were expecting the delivery on or before (EDD)

There has been a delay due to (reason)

We truly apologize for the inconvenience and we will provide you with full assistance to avoid further complications

Please allow (3-5 business days) for the delivery of the product

If there is anything more we can assist you with, kindly share it with us

This way, it will build trust in the mind of buyers and there are chances they will remove negative feedback. And in some cases, they will even remove negative feedback on Amazon and replace it with a positive one.

On the other hand, if the customer hasn’t responded to your mail or hasn’t removed negative feedback, then you can reply back to the feedback publicly.


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The message can be as follows:

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused. It was because (reason), We have provided the complete details in an email.

Please get back to us for any kind of further assistance.

This message can deliver a piece of information to the dissatisfied buyer as well as to the future potential buyers that you value them and you are committed to providing reliable sales services.

Not to miss, with respect to Amazon guidelines, negative feedback can be removed on or before the 60th day from the posted day.

For instance, you are selling 50+ products on Amazon. It will consume manpower and a lot of time to go through which of your product orders have received negative feedback.

After which, drafting emails with exact details: mentioning the order id, product name with precise reasons requires a lot of efforts. What if, you send an entirely different order id/ product name to a customer.

This will annoy the customer even more.

This is where Insight Mailer fits in.

The Amazon feedback management software provides notifications as and when you receive negative feedback and allows you to take corrective actions through professionalized email templates.

Seems simple and straightforward?

To conclude:

Negative feedback on Amazon can lower down buy box percentage and product ranking.

And also, it lets down buyers confidence level and can negatively affect their purchase decisions.

And all of these can pull down Amazon sales. All these complications can be avoided by paying attention to negative feedback.

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