Amazon sellers to increase sales in 2019

9 strategies for Amazon sellers to increase sales in 2019

Amazon is getting competitive, nevertheless for  2019 too.

Furthermore, selling on Amazon will turn out to be highly competitive than before.

Focus on private label products

Retail arbitrage turns out distressing because of the huge competition it holds. And, it is comparatively easy for anyone to source a well-known brand and re-sell it on Amazon.

To differentiate yourself from others, try your hands on private label products. There are a lot of advantages you can derive from private labeling.

Firstly, you are fostering a brand for yourself.

Secondly, you can escape a lot of competition until a new player sneaks in.

Understand Amazon product SEO

Once you understand how Amazon search algorithm works, you can excel in selling on Amazon.

Of Course, everyone knows keywords play an important role in crawling your products on search results.

But it is not the only factor.

There are a lot of determinants Amazon SEO considers for product ranking and sellers need to focus on every aspect.


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Take advantage of third-party tools

Automation is taking up the present era. And, not to miss there are a lot of automation tools available for Amazon sellers. Most of those tools will only take up the cost that you will be spending on extra manpower.

You can take advantage of tools for payment reconciliation, repricing, inventory management, feedback management and so on.

Take part in seller summits

Most of the Amazon sellers have gained 3X more value in e-commerce knowledge by attending seller conferences.

Keep an eye on the seller conferences happening in or near your locality, and try to attend it.

Tap on Amazon services

You will be aware of the service tab on the Seller Central account that displays the list of service providers that provides Amazon services like Imaging, cataloging, account management, advertising optimization and so on. And, how you choose the right service provider will also determine the success of selling on Amazon.

A landing page is highly important to increase sale conversion rate. More appealing the landing page is, it can convert more sales.

For which imaging and cataloging needs additional focus. And, for better quality, you can try your hands on Amazon services.

Involve in data-driven decisions

Today every business depends on data. Undoubtedly, Amazon business requires data-driven decisions too.

Here I will take you through how data can help Amazon business @

Drive external traffic to your Amazon store

Social media doesn’t represent just Facebook and Twitter ads.

Try out Instagram feeds, snapchat and Pinterest to drive traffic to your Amazon store.

Concentrate on customer re-engagement

Customer acquisition is getting competitive and very difficult, and so customer re-engagement is a must in every business. Unquestionably, it is the same for Amazon business too.

Retargeting campaigns can help you re-engage with your existing customer base.

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool offers a full-fledged solution for running retargeting campaigns for your existing customer base with respect to various parameters.

Think about selling ebooks on Amazon

Last, not the least Amazon is not only for products with inventory. You can also write an ebook and sell it on Amazon. Here there is no inventory involved.

But there are some important factors you need to consider – focus on creating more appealing ebook cover and compelling book title.

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