Facebook Ads to Grow your Amazon Sales

How to use Facebook Ads to Grow your Amazon Sales?

Facebook ads are the most powerful, cost-effective and scalable tool to improve and grow your Amazon rankings and sales. It also builds viewership over the years that in-turn increases your sales ultimately.

Why Facebook? Why not any other social media platform?

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users monthly. Facebook’s targeted ad tool is quite sophisticated, that showcases your ad to people who are most likely to convert.

The tool also allows you to showcase your products to people who have otherwise bought your products in the past or have bought similar products.

Over time, it is seen that sellers who combine an Amazon Marketing strategy along with a non-Amazon Promotion strategy are sure to increase sales and rankings.

With no other obvious social media influencer with a such a huge database of potential customers, Amazon Facebook Ads are now a go-to platform to every seller.

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Interrupted Marketing

Facebook ads are visual and not interrupted by search queries. They appear to customize viewership depending on the criteria that match the audience.

An effective ad is said to interrupt someone scrolling down their page. Thus, marketers reach their target audience by surprise, interest and curiosity is generated by breaking through the clutter of other videos and posts of friends and family.

By doing facebook ads right, you can

  • increase the visibility of your Amazon products
  • make more sales
  • launch new products
  • boost rankings
  • and build a list of people hungry to buy future products.

Product Listing is key

Your product has to be differentiated amongst other products of the same kind. This is crucial for the viewers to choose your product over others similar in nature.

  • Using relevant keywords in your bullets and backend is important.
  • Use content that focuses on the end benefit for the consumer by using your product.
  • High-quality images make a good impression.

Stay connected to your traffic

Another crucial point is to avoid directing your traffic from Facebook to your Amazon product page.

You need to understand that the traffic in Amazon is in buyer-mode, whereas Facebook traffic is just being introduced to the product itself.

In order to not lose your facebook user by pushing your product or hard-sell it to him, you need to stay connected to him through emails, posts or Messenger.

He should be hand-held to buy your product and not forced to do it. By forcing yourself on him, you’re in-turn losing a potential customer.

Create a landing page

A landing page helps in filtering traffic. This landing page can be created by many tools. The landing page can provide the viewer with a promo code.

If he is interested, he could be taken to your product page to complete the sale. If not interested, he would bounce off.

These landing pages also allows you to collect emails and place a Facebook Pixel to build retargeting audiences in future.

These people are valuable potential customers whom you can get in touch with for future product launches and promotions.

Creating the proper campaign

The most common type of Amazon ad is the high discount campaign, offering a certain % discount for a limited 7-10 days’ time period.

Your ad should exactly communicate this if this is the messaging. Proper concise content in key in your Facebook ads.

Make sure your content focuses on the end benefit your consumer will receive instead of talking about the features of your product.

Know your audience

A lookalike audience is when you take an existing list of leads or customers and tell Facebook to show ads to people that are similar to the people on that list.

A ‘layered lookalike audience’ is when you narrow the lookalike audience with additional demographic, behavioral or interest-based criteria.

A narrow audience can work great for your campaign. Typically the lookalike audience performs the best as compared to the strictly demographic audience.

Comparing data from both audiences will give you a gist on how your ad will perform.


Proper guidance and understanding are very important while using Facebook ads to boost your Amazon sales. With a huge potential customer base, Facebook ads have a lot of potential in increasing sales and rankings for your products.

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