Amazon Easy Ship work in India

How does Amazon Easy Ship work in India?

How does Amazon Easy Ship work in India?

What is Easy Ship program?

It is a shipment program that allows Amazon sellers to store and pack the products on their own warehouse, after which Amazon takes care of shipping and delivering the products to the customers within the committed Delivery Date.


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This is how Amazon Easy Ship works

  • You can store your products in your own warehouse
  • Once an order is received, you can process the order in Amazon seller central
  • You are held responsible to pack the order and schedule a pickup
  • Amazon picks up the package and delivers it to the customers

Benefits of using Easy Ship

  • More control over your inventory, as the products are stored in your own warehouse. This allows you to access inventory whenever you want
  • If you would like to go an extra mile in customer service, you can leave a thank you note along with your product package
  • You can let Amazon customer care to handle customer queries by opting for ‘Runaway program’

Disadvantages of using Easy Ship

  • Prime (1-2 days delivery) is the most attractive option for buyers. When you are using Easy Ship, it is a greater challenge reaching out to prime members
  • Investments on extra manpower for warehouse management and packaging
  • Chances are limited to win the buy box compared to FBA sellers

 About Amazon Easy Ship fees (As per February 2019)

Easy Ship Weight Handling Fees (INR)

Local Regional National
Standard Size Item Upto 500 g 27 45 65
Each additional 500 g 16 21 26
Oversize Item Upto 5 kg (Fixed Minimum Fee) 124 168 213
Each additional kg 7 9 14
Oversize Heavy and Bulky Item Upto 12 kg (Fixed Minimum Fee) 175 255 NA
Each additional kg 3.5 4.5 NA

*Subject to change


Let’s consider Standard Size Item weighing 800gms. The shipment is local (Where the order pickup and delivery happens within the same City).

Weight handling charge for the first 500 g INR 27
Weight handling charge for the next 500 g INR 16
Total Weight handling charge INR 43


Easy Ship Fixed Closing Fees
Item Price Including Shipping Charges (INR)

Fixed Closing Fees


0-250 2
251-500 5
501-1000 20
1000+ 40

*Subject to change

Winding up

Ultimately, there is no strict rule when it comes to deciding between Easy Ship and FBA. It hugely depends on your business requirements.

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