Amazon prime day sale 2019

Deals Deals Deals. Amazon Prime Day is here!

One of the most look-forward-to event for all Amazon sellers is the Prime Day event.

On the 15th & 16th of July, the Amazon shopping portal will see mind-blowing deals with high traffic & nerve wrecking purchase behavior from customers.

A heaven day for sellers, Amazon will fulfill all Prime orders in less than 3 days. Packaging and logistics related issues will be taken care of. New launches of products are expected on Prime day.

Insight Mailer tool can be used to send your customized email campaigns that can be automatically scheduled for all your sales orders. The dashboard will also help you reach out to your most loyal and single-purchase customer's post-sales, for feedback and reviews. Think of it as a one-to-one feedback talk you would like to have with your recent buyers.

With feedback and ratings being very important for future increase in sales, this is the right time to get the best star ratings & reviews.

Sync with us by 10th July 2019, and get the best benefits you could hope for from Amazon Prime Day!

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