Be a smart online seller

Expand your product reach

The opportunities are huge, and so will be your online sales. Why do you have to restrict yourself to a single platform, when your customers aren’t concentrated on a single platform, but distributed across various platforms?

Extend your product reach to various platforms out there.

Invest in good quality content and images

Good quality content and images are the only ways product experience is delivered to the buyers.

By making it informative and rich, you are taking a step towards triggering a positive purchase decision.

On the other hand, detailed product content can help to reduce product return rate, which can be a further advantage to your selling performance.

Stick to the guidelines

Each and every marketplace out there has a specified set of guidelines which is clearly communicated to the buyers.

By keeping your selling activities in line with the marketplace guidelines, you can escape the risks of account suspension.


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Market your products proactively

Having a great product is not enough to bring in sales. You have to take a step towards attracting buyers to your product pages. Most of the online buyers often forget to consider the power of marketing.

You will need to consider investing your efforts and time to proactively marketing your products that can drive in sales.

Take advantage of Amazon sponsored Ads to promote your product listings. Aim to bring in external traffic to your Amazon listings by leveraging the power of social media.

Delight your buyers

Marketing your products can help to acquire customers. Delighting your buyers can help to retain them and achieve repeated purchases from them.

Here are a few ways you can deliver a delightful purchase experience to your buyers

  • Make their buying cycle easier and convenient by providing the best product experience
  • Respond to their queries, as and when you receive them

 Double up your smartness with Insight Mailer

 Generally, ‘Word of mouth’ is one of the powerful marketing strategies in any kind of business. It is termed as referral marketing.

 When it comes to online business, Feedback and reviews are the voice of customers. And it is a general tendency of buyers to read through this section before making a purchase. Positive feedback and reviews can trigger positive purchase decisions and vice-versa.

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool allows you to manage feedback and reviews on a single platform. The tool serves two main purposes

  • Helps you handle negative feedback more effectively
  • Allows you to professionally and legitimately request for seller feedback and product reviews from happy customers

On the other hand, there is another important functionality the tool can serve. It can help you get repeat purchases from your existing customer base through rich, segmented and targeted promotional campaigns. This allows you to cross-sell your products.

Over and above, the tool improves the possibilities of sales.

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