Tips to grow on Amazon

Best 25 Tips for Amazon sellers to grow in Amazon Marketplace

Tip 1: Do search optimized cataloging

By incorporating high-searchable keywords in your product content (Product title and description), you are taking a step towards increasing product visibility on Amazon search results.

Tip 2: Describe your products accurately

Create detailed descriptions to deliver the best virtual product experience for your buyers.

Tip 3: Add high-quality images

Better the digital visuals, higher is your sales conversion.

Tip 4: Sell only good quality products

Your brand is more preferable by buyers when the products you sell are of good quality. And, this can attract more repetitive sales from them.

Tip 5: Analyze your competition

With the huge competition that Amazon holds, and thousands of merchants into a single product category. Analyzing competitors prices trends, discount/offers and marketing trends can help you stand ahead of the competition.

Tip 6: If you are into self-shipments, plan and execute your shipments perfectly

Most of the buyers prefer Amazon for its quicker delivery of products. If you are planning to self-ship your products, aim for quicker and faultless shipments.

Tip 7: Handle negative feedback effectively

Not heeding attention towards negative feedback can lead to higher ODR rate, which can let down your Amazon account health.

Hence, handle it effectively.

Read on how to handle your negative feedback here @

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Tip 8: Aim to increase positive feedback and reviews

Positive feedback and reviews can trigger positive purchase decisions. Not all happy customers leave a review. Hence aim to improve them with Insight Mailer.

Tip 9: Get back to your customers within the first 24 hours

In case your customer have left a query, get back to them immediately. Leaving it unanswered will annoy the customers.

Tip 10: Aim to improve product ranking

There are higher chances of winning the sales when your product gets listed on the first three pages on Amazon search results.

Tip 11: Maintain low ODR less than 1% of total orders

Any order that is not successfully delivered to buyers is covered in ODR. Amazon policy is that ODR should not exceed 1% of total orders. Aim to keep it as low as possible.

Tip 12: Take advantage of Amazon seller app

Now, every seller owns a smartphone. Amazon seller app allows you to track and manage your Amazon business from anywhere and anytime with a simple login.

Tip 13: Follow Amazon rules and regulations

It is their platform, play by their rules and regulations to avoid risks of account suspension.

Tip 14: Protect your brand with Amazon brand registry

If you are selling private label products on Amazon, make sure to get enrolled in the Amazon brand registry. Read more about it in our blog: <a href="">Amazon brand registry & its importance</a>.

Tip 15: Create a brand exclusive storefront

Once you are enrolled into the Amazon brand registry, you are eligible for creating an exclusive storefront with a unique URL for your brand. And, it can be used for marketing your brand’s listings on Amazon.

Tip 16: Let your product page do the first sales call with EBC

Once you are enrolled into the Amazon brand registry, you are also eligible for EBC, a type of advanced listing that can better portray your products.

Tip 17: Delight your buyers

Aim to provide the best purchase experience to your customers at all the stages of their buying cycle, right from delivering a good quality product to responding to queries/ ease of return or exchange process if requested.

Tip18: Re-engage with your existing customer base

Just like acquiring new customers, retaining them is key to improving your Amazon sales. Insight Mailer allows you to tap your existing customer base perfectly with powerful and segmented promotional campaigns, thus increasing Amazon sales.

Tip 19: Boost your product listings with Amazon sponsored Ads

Keyword targeted sponsored Ads helps to drive Amazon (internal) traffic to your product listings, gaining new sales.

Tip 20: Automate product pricing

If you are one among the 10 merchants into the same product category, one of the most effective ways to win sales is pricing your products competitively. Automate pricing option on Amazon seller central can help you automatically alter product prices with respect to market trends.

Tip 21: Understand Amazon fees

Selling on Amazon involves fees such as category commission fee, sales closing fee, warehousing, and logistics fee (If you let Amazon handle it). All about the fee structure is available on Amazon seller central. Understanding it better helps you analyze profit and loss margin.

Tip 22: Reduce shipment errors like mis-pack and mis-ship

Every activity on Amazon requires key concentration, especially when you hold a large number of SKUs. If you have an internal team to handle packaging and activities related to shipments, re-check it once or twice to avoid chaos.

Tip 23: Reduce inventory errors like running out-of-stock, low stock, and improper inventory updates

Once you manufacture or purchase, update the stock count on your inventory level in Amazon seller central. Never miss this process.

And also, make sure not to overstock slow-moving products that adds upon warehousing expenses.

Tip 24: Drive external traffic to your Amazon listings

Most of your potential buyers are concentrated on social media. Promote your Amazon product listings on social media to increase sales.

Tip 25: Automate monotonous tasks

Repetitive tasks can lead to lower accuracies. Automating them can be a time-saver on your end. As discussed previously in this blog, handling negative feedback and improving positive feedback/ reviews are important as well as monotonous. Automate it with Insight Mailer.


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