A-Z Amazon Guarantee claim

Best practices to escape A-Z Guarantee claims

What is Amazon A-Z Guarantee claims?

 These are claims that can be raised by the customers against the sellers.

The claims are addressed to Amazon service center.

Why are the A-Z guarantee claims a key element to consider?

 As an Amazon seller, you are aware of ODR (Order Defect Rate). It is one of the important metrics that define the performance of your seller account. Amazon policy is that the ODR percentage should not exceed 1% of the total orders.

A-Z Guarantee claim is one of the three elements that contribute to ODR percentages.

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When can a customer raise A-Z Guarantee claim?

A customer can raise A-Z Guarantee claim under any one of the following conditions

  • The product received is not as described/ defined in the product page
  • The product received is either damaged or defective
  • The product is not delivered even after EDD (End of the Delivery Date)
  • Returns are not processed, delayed or refunded

Best practices an Amazon seller can follow to escape A-Z Guarantee claims

 Describe your products perfectly well

A buyer gets an idea of the product, only by the way it is described on the product page. Hence, aim to create product descriptions that are accurate. Representing the key features in bullet points enables buyers to get a better understanding of the product. Right terms and grammar are key to good product description. Adding filler words, acronyms to achieve the required character length can never result in a good product page.

And also, it is significant to add relevant and high-resolution product images that can better represent the product and its benefits.

Do you want to know another important advantage of a good product page? It can help to reduce the product return rate.

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Choose the right material for product packages

The probability of a product getting damaged is high if it is not packed well. Going with good packing material and packing it pretty well can avoid product breakages.

Pay key attention to logistics

When you are handling shipments on your own, ensure that the product gets delivered to the customers on or before the scheduled delivery date. Once you have the right logistics partner, then doubtless you will be able to deliver the product at the right time.

In case you are not able to get the product delivered on the committed date, keep the customers informed about the revised delivery date and the reasons for the delay in the product delivery.

Analyze and process the return/exchange request promptly

Once you receive a return/exchange request, analyze and process it as early as possible. A customer can place a request in accordance with Amazon return or exchange policy, and it is the sellers’ responsibility to validate the request and process it at the earliest. Any delay or non-processing of return or exchange request can leave the customer disappointed with your service.

Get back to your customers at the earliest

Aim to provide the best customer service to your customers. In case they have left a query, ensure to get back to them at the earliest. Leaving them unanswered can let down customers expectations.

 Final thoughts

Customers cannot file a claim immediately. Amazon policy is that they have to get in touch with sellers first before they file a claim. If they haven't received a reply from the respective seller in the next 48 hours, only then they can proceed to raise a claim.

Though you have taken all the possible measures to provide the best purchase experience to your buyers, there are few situations you leave the customer dissatisfied. And the customer will get back to you to get things right. Amazon allows you 48 hours within which if you take the necessary steps to fix the issue, you can escape the claim.

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