positive feedback and reviews on Amazon

Best things to get positive feedback and reviews on Amazon

Every seller aspires to get more and more positive feedback and reviews.

And it is truly achievable if you follow a few best practices..

List your product accurately

You will get positive reviews when you had met customer expectations. With Amazon, you can only provide a virtual representation of the product. You cannot provide the touch and feel of the product.

So it is very important to accurately list your product contents.

Develop keyword rich product title and description.

As product title is the first thing that catches the eyes of the customers, it is important to provide important pieces of information in the title.

Most of the buyers read out entire product description before making a purchase. So, it is advisable to mention all the details of the product like color, appearance, material, and size. Images and videos with perfect resolution can give a better virtual representation of the product.

All these sets expectations in customer’s mind and when the product delivered to them is exactly as mentioned in the product page, they feel contented about their purchase and will leave positive reviews

Sell only good quality products

Quality comes first for all the buyers. When you deliver good quality products to them, they are definitely happy and satisfied with their purchases. In returns to their contented purchase experience, they are ready to provide you with positive reviews

Lean towards feedback management software

Most of the satisfied customers forget to leave feedback.

Or even some customers don’t know where and how to leave feedback. You can take this as an opportunity to politely request for feedback.

With the massive number of products and sales on your Amazon account, you cannot send a request email to each buyer manually.

Even if you do so, will you be able to customize each and every email with first name, product details and order number?

Seems like exhausting work, Isn’t it?

You can automate feedback requests using Amazon seller tool like Insight Mailer. It provides a range of professionalized templates that are tailored to every requirement. You can choose any of them and schedule the email campaign.

Easy. Isn’t it?

Additionally, Insight Mailer provides important insights like customer’s geographic location, top, and low selling products, repeat customer details that can help you to manage Amazon business.

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Manage Amazon Feedback and Reviews


Deliver the product on time and without any damage

If you are a seller, then a perfectly executed packaging and shipping can attract more positive feedback. Focus more on the packaging that can avoid damages to the product.

Have a perfect plan for logistics to deliver the products on time. And always keep your customers informed about the order status.

Again, manually sending out order status emails like your item is packed, your item is shipped to all your customers is a tedious process.

You can take advantage of Insight Mailer’s predefined templates that are configured to every order status for keeping your customers informed about their order.

Leave a note along with the order

Leaving a note saying “If you are happy with the purchase, leave feedback. Thank you” can fetch you minimal benefits.

Not all the buyers know where and how to leave feedback. So this method can work with few buyers, but not with all buyers

Final thoughts

If your buyers are happy and satisfied with the purchase, they will be glad to leave feedback. So, always try to give your buyers the best of the best purchase experience.

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