convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Best ways to convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Product content makes the first sales call

 Product content comprises of 3 elements

  • Product title
  • Product description
  • Product images

Product Title:

Visitors determine the quality of the product page based on the title. Providing right and relevant information in the product title can initiate positive purchase decision.

Best practices for product title that converts:

  • Frame the product title in the right format.

Let’s say, if the title is in the format: Product Quantity, Brand name, Product name - looks less informative

Hence a poorly drafted product title can inversely impact buyer’s decision to purchase the product.

  • For better sales conversions, product title should include Brand name, product name, Color / Size / Quantity in compliance with Amazon guidelines.
  • Maximum product title length: 200 characters

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Product description:

 A good product description delivers the best virtual product experience to the visitors

 Best practices for product description that converts:

  • Representing product attributes as bullet points is an added advantage, as it is convenient for the visitors to glance through and get the accurate product information
  • Describe your products accurately
  • Adding information such as benefits can be added advantage that facilitates the buyer’s decision to purchase the product
  • Maximum product description: 2000 characters
  • Adding relevant and high-searchable keywords in product content can increase product visibility on the search results

 Product images:

Product images capture the eyes of the buyers and initiate positive purchase decisions

Best practices for product images that convert:

  • High-resolution product images
  • Images narrating the benefits of the product
  • Images that portray unique features of the product
  • Make sure to list the primary product image in white background
  • Avoid using brand name/ product name as a watermark in product images

Amazon feedback and reviews make the second sales call

It is the general tendency of potential buyers to go through this section before making a purchase decision. Seller feedback is important as it indicates the buyers about the quality of product packages and shipments. Likewise, product reviews are important as it provides vital information about the likeness and preferability of the product by the customers.

A product page with positive seller feedback and product reviews facilitate positive purchase decision. On the other hand, a product page with negative seller feedback and product reviews can affect sales. Hence, it is important to improve positive feedback and reviews and remove negative feedback and reviews.

Let’s say you have 50+ products listed on Amazon. It is difficult from your end to go through all the product pages to manage feedback and reviews. Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller software allows you to manage all your feedback and reviews on a single dashboard.

The tool facilitates two major functions

  • To get the negative feedback removed professionally
  • To increase positive seller feedback
  • To improve positive product reviews

Product Pricing

The chances of winning the sale is high when the product is competitively priced. It is also one of the factors that determine the buy box percentage. It is usually best to go with a price along with a maximum of 5% variation of what other players in the market adopt. Looking for tips on how to price your products?

Here it is. (Blog link: Being profitable on Amazon: Simple tips to price your products)


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