Cross-sell Amazon product listings

Cross-sell Amazon product listings with Insight Mailer

Today, mostly all the business are implementing strategies like up-selling and cross-selling to boost their sales revenue.

Considering the brick and mortar store, they are trying to cross-sell or up-sell products via deals and discounts, and arrangement of products in the store also has a greater impact. The same is applicable for online business too.

When it comes to Amazon business, the competition is high and there are plenty of other sellers who are selling the same or similar product as yours. One of the smart moves is upselling or cross-selling the products on your selling list to the customers who have already made purchases from you. They are your most potential customer base. It is a perfect strategy and implementing it correctly is the best way to meet your sales revenue goals.

Most of the Amazon sellers, in the context of concentrating towards new customer acquisition, they miss the focus on the existing customer base which can lead to greater business opportunity loss.

What is up-selling?

 Up-selling is a strategy that facilitates you to sell relatively higher end product than the one that is of customers’ interest.

 What is cross-selling?

 Cross-selling is a strategy that facilitates you to sell relatively similar products than the one that is of customers’ interest.

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool allows you to cross-sell via rich and segmented product promotional campaigns.


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Buyer segmentation is key to perfect cross-selling

 The tool enables you to target the existing customers based on

  • Customers’ geolocation
  • Customers’ who have purchased top-selling or low-selling product
  • Customers’ who have made repetitive purchases from you

Customers’ geolocation

Your customers are widely distributed across geography. The product requirements vary for people across geography, indicating that a product promoted in common to people across different geolocations does not yield better sales result.

For better sales conversion, the product promotions have to be configured with respect to geolocations.

Product sale rate: Fast-moving and slow-moving

 Some products on your selling list may not be as fast moving as others. It may be because those products visibility is relatively lower. The tool facilitates sales by boosting its visibility.

The tool identifies fast and slow moving products and allows you to cross-sell any of your slow-moving products to the customers who have purchased any of the products on the fast-moving category.

And the vice-versa is also possible using Insight Mailer.

This way, you are taking a step towards boosting the products’ visibility.

Customers’ who have made repetitive purchases from you  

This group of people is your best prospects. And, if tapped perfectly they will be your best customers. Firstly, let’s discuss why they fall under “Repeat customers”.

It is because of two major reasons

  • They prefer purchasing from you for the quality of products or services that you provide
  • They like the products that you sell, hence end up purchasing from you without a knowledge that they are purchasing from the same seller

Both of these situations are positive to acquire future sales and hence tapping them perfectly with specific product promotions that are in line with their purchase interests can lead to better sales conversion.


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