Get started with Insight Mailer Forever Free- a Deal for Lifetime!

Most genuine sellers on Amazon like yourself should be interested in a comprehensive feedback management tool that can assist you in running your business smoothly. However, most of the premium feedback management tools for the Amazon marketplace are priced at a higher range which may deter your purchase. You might also want to experience the full usability and features of such a premium tool before actually making a purchase. 


Well, we have the right solution for you & your business! Our premium feedback management tool- Insight Mailer is now open for all the interested Amazon sellers to get a full insight on its applications at no extra cost! 


What is in our forever free Insight Mailer deal?

A feedback management tool like Insight Mailer can be a real game-changer for your business on the Amazon marketplace. Insight Mailer offers you the best amazon seller tool experience such as:


  • Automate your Marketing Email Campaigns: sixteen pre-built email marketing templates allow aggressive businesses like yours to boost response rates. Reaching your customers is now easy through an email campaign.
  • Analyze Geo Locations: Determine the Geosixteengraphical location of your customers & devise sales strategy specific to the location.
  • Reward your Frequent Customers: You can offer discounts to frequent buyers through specific promotional campaigns.
  • Identify your Top and Low Selling Products: Feedback management tool allows you to keep a tab on your most demanding as well as least selling products. 
  • Instant Negative Feedback Alert: Get notifications for every Negative product reviews so that you can promptly address the problem.


Insight Mailer forever free deal allows any Amazon Seller to get all the feedback management services that were previously on a paid subscription basis at no cost. You can make additional purchases later on to boost the capacity of your Insight Mailer account. 

Our sales representative shall be at your disposal to personally guide you throughout the features and applications of Insight Mailer. You are guaranteed to note a visible difference with the integration tool of this feedback management tool to your Amazon seller account.  


How to get reviews on Amazon?

The reputation of your business on the Amazon marketplace is determined broadly by two factors: Product Reviews and Seller Ratings. Insight Mailer as a feedback management tool helps you improve both! 

Coming on how to get reviews on Amazon depends on the efficiency of your feedback management tool like Insight Mailer that facilitates to handle negative feedbacks more effectively and additional tools that it provides to gain more positive reviews & ratings.   


Start receiving services of Insight Mailler with our unique forever free deal. Having said that it is also one of the lowest-priced premium feedback management tools available for Amazon Sellers. Our regular pricing plans run on a monthly, bi-annual, annual subscription model.

Click here to subscribe and get the best amazon seller tool to boost your sales revenue. 

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