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Google to launch its shopping tab in India

Just like Images tab, news tab, videos tab on Google, the tech giant is set to launch shop

ping tab in India.

Google shopping tab is already available in 30 countries and the tech giant has seen high level of engagement via sthe hopping tab.

As India is a large market of online buyers and sellers, Google is set to launch its shopping tab in India. A Google spokesperson said that they are planning for a full fledged launch later this year.

What is Google shopping tab?

Google shopping tab allows potential buyers to make purchases from online merchants and e-commerce platforms by initiating the purchase directly from the search engine.

How Google shopping tab works?

Let’s say, if a potential customer is looking for a mobile accessory to purchase. Google shopping tab displays product listings from various websites. The potential customer can choose from the listings and it will direct him/her to the respective website. Google allows buyers to initiate the purchase directly from the search engine. Also, the shopping tab allows potential customers to filter the search based on product attributes. This can provide a better and refined product search for the customers.

Google in discussion with E-commerce giants

Google in discussion with Flipkart, snapdeal and Paytm to be a part of this development.

Google may associate with retailers of all sizes

In addition to e-commerce giants, Google may associate with small, medium enterprises and retailers of all sizes that allows buyers to make purchases from SME and online merchants.

How online merchants can get started with Google shopping

To have products listed on Google shopping, online merchants need to work on Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords. Google Merchant Center account allows online retailers to feed the product catalog (ie) product name and description. And as everyone of us knew Google Adwords allows online merchants to advertise on Google via Pay Per Click Campaigns.

Sources say, Google is taking this big step as it is losing market share on product search, that had resulted in declining Ad revenues.

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