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How seller feedback and product reviews can increase sale conversion?

When selling on Amazon, seller feedback and product reviews are an integral part of your business.

This blog will explain to you how seller feedback and product reviews can increase sale conversion

Amazon seller feedback and product reviews can help you to understand your buyers

Let’s say, you are selling a few products on Amazon, and you had already received feedback and product reviews organically. Now, you had to check in to see what your buyers had to say about your product and sales service. Product reviews clearly state buyers expectations.

So, whether a feedback or review is positive or negative, you will have so many learnings from them.

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If it’s a positive review, then your product has met customer expectations. If it is a negative review, then you need to learn how you can improve your product’s quality to meet customer expectations. Similarly, a positive seller feedback indicates that the buyers are happy about your packaging and delivery service. And a negative feedback indicates that you need to improvise your packaging, shipment, and delivery.

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Effectively dealing with negative feedback and reviews can increase sale conversion

Though you can learn about what requirements are you missing out with respect to buyer’s expectations from a negative comment, too many of them can let down your reputation as a seller. So, how to deal with it is important. Apparently, getting panic will not help. You need to handle the situation in a brilliant way.

Manage feedback on Amazon

Proactively jump into the situation, professionally communicate with your buyers, understand the issue and try to fix it at the earliest. This will fix two things right: Firstly, when you understand their issue, you will not commit the same mistake again. Secondly, when your customers know you care about them and you are fixing the issue as early as possible, they may even change their negative review with positive one

Positive seller feedback and product reviews stands as the mouth of reference to your future buyers

In a brick and mortar business, you attract new customers through the mouth of reference from your old buyers. An old customer can refer few other people to try at your store. This is the impact an old customer’s reference can create to your store

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Similarly, in online business new buyers make a purchase depending on what old buyers had to say about your product. A positive review for your product can create confidence and trust in the minds of new buyers when they are going through the product page. So, with more confidence, they will make a purchase from you. And a positive seller feedback can create more confidence in your packaging, shipment and delivery services. Here, a positive comment from your old buyers stands as a virtual mouth of reference to your new buyers. And, it can initiate so many future purchases.

Positive seller feedback and product reviews can improve your sale conversions

When you can understand the importance of positive reviews, you need to know how to maximize your reviews. Firstly, always deliver good quality products to your customers. When you are listing the product on Amazon, make sure you describe the looks and functions exactly as the product. If you are a Non FBA seller, always make sure to use good quality packaging material. Deliver the product on time.

Secondly, politely request for feedback and reviews from your happy customers. Not all, happy customers leave a feedback. You had created a contented and happy purchase experience for your buyers, you can take this opportunity to politely request for a feedback. And, they will be glad to leave you a feedback, if you have done it right.

Amazon seller feedback

Most of the sellers lean towards Amazon seller software like Insight Mailer. Let’s say you are selling 50+ products on Amazon. It is a tedious process to go through all the pages on daily basis to check if you had received feedback from Amazon customers. Insight Mailer will keep you informed in case you received a negative feedback so that you can take corrective actions immediately.

As well, Insight Mailer provides a range of Amazon feedback request email template that can be tailored with respect to your requirements to politely request for feedback from satisfied customers. Additionally, the tool allows you to run promotional campaigns for other products on your selling list to your satisfied customers. This can bring in repetitive purchases from them.

Wrap up

Amazon feedback and reviews, either positive or negative has a lot to tell you. Employing it in a right way can improve sale conversions.

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