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How to Get Automated Feedback, Organic Reviews and Ratings?

“Don’t waste customers’ time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say.”- Bruce Temkin, Founder, Customer Experience Professionals Association

Seller feedback and product reviews can help a seller in improving his Amazon sales. It can be challenging to follow up with each customer personally about this.

Amazon Feedback Software can help by allowing sellers to send automated emails to their buyers on a preset date.

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The following are some methods you can adopt as a seller to get automated feedback and organic reviews from your customers.

Send a feedback requisition e-mail

Ideally, you must send this e-mail a few days after buyers have received their orders.

This gives them an opportunity to use the product and give you honest feedback or review.

The e-mail can ask the buyers about their experience and request them to share the same.

You can also mention the Amazon product URL for submitting the feedback or review in your e-mail so that it becomes easy for the customers to do so with a single click.

In case a customer does not respond, you can send him/her a second e-mail after a couple of weeks.

If this also fails, do not continue sending e-mails as the buyer might consider you troublesome.

Consider impressive subject lines that will make the buyer want to open the e-mail.

You may want to include the buyer’s name in the subject of the e-mail to make the buyer interested in opening the e-mail.

Provide additional information about the product

Include a personalized note with the shipment, giving the buyer some additional details.

It can be as simple as tips on how to get the best out of the products that they ordered with you.

Another option is to let them know of some other accessories that they can use along with their purchase.

This may make the buyers feel that you care for them and motivate them to leave you feedback and/or review without you having to ask for one.

Request website customers for Amazon reviews

This method is worth a try if you have an exclusive website for your products other than through Amazon sales. Send your website customers an e-mail with the link to review the products on Amazon.

This method can help to get more reviews if a product sells more through your website than Amazon.

This will get more Amazon buyers interested in considering your product, especially if there are other Amazon sellers selling the same product.

Acknowledge negative feedback immediately

Always respond to negative feedback instantly. Send the buyers personalized e-mails thanking them for bringing the problem to your attention and apologize for the same.

It is a good idea to ask them what you can do to help then and also give inputs on what you can do about it.

You can offer to send the product again for half the price or free. Alternatively, you can agree to refund the whole money within a specific time. Whichever option you choose, keep the buyers informed after you take the necessary action.

The above action may not always make the buyers remove the earlier negative feedback.

But, it definitely leaves them with a choice of giving you second feedback in your favor thanking you for addressing his grievance.

Avoid sending too many e-mails

Your buyers are likely to get irritated if you send them too many e-mails such as non-order related e-mails. This may make them feel they are being spammed.

As a result, they might even take the extreme step of complaining to Amazon about you. If this happens and Amazon finds the complaint convincing, it might stop you from getting feedback and/or reviews even from other customers.

Finally, remember that Amazon has a very rigid policy for its sellers to get feedback and reviews from its customers. Make sure that you understand and follow them without deviation.

A wrong step can land you in trouble and even cause your Amazon account to be suspended.

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