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How to grow as a successful online seller in India?


Following are a few key areas that need huge importance to grow as a successful online seller in India.

Pay key attention to logistics

Plan and workout on product logistics. Choosing the right logistics solutions provider is the key to delivering the product at the committed time. To have a maximum and vast reach for your products, consider going with the logistics solution that operates nationally.

And if the marketplace offers a logistics service, you can consider going forward with it or you can even choose a private logistics provider. It is based on your business requirements.

For example,

When it comes to Amazon India, there are 4 shipment options available: Easy Ship, Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), Self-Ship. And the seller can choose the one that best fits the business requirements.

Shipment Options   Product Storage (Warehouse)   Product Packing Product shipping & Delivery
Self-Ship Seller Seller Seller
Easy Ship Seller Seller Amazon
FBA Amazon Amazon Amazon

Focus on customer services

Keeping your customers in place depends on the quality of customer service that you provide.  Proactively getting back to your customer queries at the shortest possible time duration can also help you win on your customers.

Provide Cash on Delivery & Card on Delivery option

Most of the marketplaces in India offer this payment option. So if you are selling products on the marketplaces, then you need not worry more about it.

On the other hand, if you are selling products via your own e-commerce store, then it is better to make sure you provide this option so that many customers consider making purchases from you.

Focus on customer re-engagement

Aim to engage your existing customer base. It is more important than acquiring new customers.

For instance,

If you are selling on Amazon India, you can leverage Insight Mailer that allows you to run product promotion emails to your existing customer base, thus aiding to retain existing customers and improve Amazon sales.

Let the product page do the sales call

Make your product page is more informative and attractive. When you are selling on online marketplaces, make sure to understand the platform guidelines before stepping into product listing or you can have the experts work on the product listing – contact:

We will take you through how to list your products in top 5 Indian marketplaces in a blog.

Leverage social media to its full potential

To increase product visibility, social media is one of the effective ways. Employing it strategically can aid in product marketing and also increases customer traffic to your e-commerce store.

Likewise, you can promote product listings on social media to drive traffic to the respective marketplaces.

Consider automating tasks that are monotonous and time-consuming

When you find out some tasks that are monotonous, consider automating it. There are a lot of software tools that are available in the market, which you can choose upon for automating repetitive tasks.

For example,

Marketplaces like Amazon require pricing the products on regular basis with respect to market trends. Imagine you have 50+ products listed on Amazon, the task of repricing each of them is a tedious, time-consuming and monotonous process. You can consider automating it.

Likewise, handling negative feedback and shooting out feedback/review request emails are also a tedious, time-consuming and monotonous process. Insight Mailer automates this process, thus making it simpler on your end.

Winding up

Each and every activity of your online business is important. Careful considerations can help you grow as a successful online seller.

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