improve reviews and ratings in Amazon

How to improve reviews and ratings in Amazon?

To increase reviews and ratings on Amazon, simply ask for it. It is very typical that most of the Amazon sellers do not leave reviews.

And there are a few reasons why they don’t.

Firstly, there are chances they don’t know where and how to leave review or rating?

Secondly, they may even forget to write a review.

If you can fill this gap, then there are higher chances you may get more reviews and ratings on Amazon.

But let’s say, you are selling 50+ products on Amazon.

Is it really possible to address every single customer to write a review for you?

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The possibilities are low.

And will definitely be tedious and time-consuming. And when performing on regular basis, it turns out monotonous and even the most experienced person tend to commit mistakes.

I will run you through a simple mistake that you commit during the process.

What if you had sent an email comprising “Thank you for purchasing denim.

How do you like the product?

Write us a review”, when that particular customer had actually purchased a shirt from you, and not denim.

This is one kind of mistake that can happen due to repetitive tasks. Anyone and even the most experienced person can commit these kinds of small mistakes. But the consequences are huge.

What if I say, an automated review and rating management tool can help you avoid all these chaos.

Insight Mailer provides a range of professionalized templates that can be configured to request reviews and ratings from Amazon customers.

All that you have to do is, select the required template and schedule it may be on the 2nd or 3rd day with respect to the delivery order status.

It is just a one time process, after which a review or rating request email will be sent to any customer who makes purchases from you.

Seems simple?

Now to the actual fact, an unpleasant purchase experience will fetch you negative reviews and a delightful purchase experience will fetch you positive reviews on Amazon.

And, no one wants a negative review, right?

To escape negative reviews for your products, you can take some simple precautionary steps and it is all related to how well you delight your customers.

To conclude

Try your hands on Insight Mailer, an Amazon buyer and seller communication tool that can provide higher chances of receiving more reviews and ratings on Amazon.

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