Amazon seller ratings

How to improve seller rating on Amazon?

Potential buyers usually glance through seller rating before making the purchase decision.

Seller rating that is equal to 4, has higher chances of initiating purchase decisions. If the seller rating is low, then the potential buyer may even move to another seller who is selling the same product as yours.

This way you will miss out on a sales opportunity.

To improve Amazon seller rating, always aim to delight the customers by providing best of the best purchase experiences

Sell only good quality products

A good quality product is what a customer expects. Delivering a good quality product can leave the customer satisfied with the purchase experience.

This way they will provide good rating for your product and sales service.

Provide clear and well-defined product description

When a customer goes through the product page, he/she will develop a mental picture of the product.

And if a received product is different in size, color or material when compared to the details listed on the product page, it will leave the customer disappointed. This will drive the buyers to provide a lower rating.

To avoid this kind of situation, make sure your product listings are accurate.


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Provide better packaging for the products

If you are a non-FBA seller, focus more on product packaging. How well the product is packed and the materials used for packaging are important things to consider. A product that is not well packed can sometimes lead to product damage.

And when customers receive a damaged product, it will leave them disappointed and may tend to leave lower seller rating.

Plan and execute perfect and flawless logistics

For a FBA seller, logistics and customer services are taken care by Amazon. But, if you are planning to handle logistics on your own, make sure to plan and execute logistics in a well-defined manner.

A product that is delivered after EDD (End of the Delivery Date) can also drive the customers to provide lower rating. Furthermore, wrong shipments can annoy the customers and can drive the customers to provide a lower rating.

Where does Insight Mailer fit when you are aiming to improve Amazon seller rating?

There may be few situations, where you have left the customers with satisfied and delightful purchase experiences.

And for one reason or the other, they wouldn’t have rated you on Amazon.

You can take this as an opportunity to politely request your customers to rate your product and sales services.

No doubt, you can do this for a few products. But let’s say you are selling 50+ products on Amazon. The process becomes completely tedious and time-consuming.

This is where Insight Mailer fits in. It is an Amazon seller and buyer communication tool that provides a professionalized email template to politely request for “Amazon seller rating”. This way, you can improve seller rating on Amazon.

Wrap up

Undoubtedly, higher the Amazon seller rating, higher is your chance of winning the buy box, and also higher is your chance of hitting the sales.

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