Amazon Seller Feedback Ratings & Reviews

How to Improve Your Amazon Seller Feedback Ratings & Reviews?

As an Amazon seller, it is quite important that you receive positive feedback ratings and review for your products.

This will help you understand what customers actually feel about your products. It will also assist you in getting new customers for your products.

If you are a new seller, you might find this a bit of a challenge.

But, there are some simple steps like the ones given below that you can follow to improvise on your Amazon seller rating.

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Answer Customer Queries Fast

Remember, no concern of your customer is so silly to be ignored. You must please all your customers, irrespective of the number of times they have bought products from you.

Take that extra effort to answer any query that a customer may have. While you may not be able to respond to a customer immediately, do get back to him or her as soon as possible.

It is ideal to have a turnaround time of 24 hours. This can go a long way in improving your relationship with the customer and thereby get a good rating from him.

Set things right with professional communication

No seller wants a one-star rating for his products.

Yet, it is sometimes inevitable.

While you can definitely not please all customers all the time, it does not mean that you ignore the one star.

Get in touch personally with the buyer who gave you that rating and ask what upset him/her. Sometimes, it could be because the product did not meet the expectation or just that the product arrived later than it was scheduled to.

But, you will never know what the reason actually is unless you interact with the customer.

Use Automated Feedback Management Software

This option is best availed when you sell your products in bulk as you may not be able to respond to each customer in person.

Consider customizing an automated system that makes it look like you are personally interacting with your customers.

For example, Insight Mailer is one good tool that you can opt for to Increase your Amazon Feedback Seller Ratings or Reviews.

Ask for feedback yourself

If your customers do not give you their feedback after buying their products, take the initiative and ask for it yourself.

Wait for a couple of days and send out the mail.

Make sure that you give the email a personal touch by customizing the subject and signature lines, and also including your customer’s name and your name and designation.

Once you have sent the email, wait for at least 5 to 7 days for the customer to send a reply. If you do not get one, resend the same email again.

There are very high chances that the customer will definitely respond when he gets it a second time.

However, do not continue to pester the customer for his feedback after two failed attempts.

This can be irritating to the customer and end up doing you more harm than good.

Pay attention to Amazon guidelines

It goes unsaid that following Amazon guidelines in boosting your Amazon feedback rating. Take care to pack the items properly and provide your customer with separate tracking information for each product that he buys from you.

If you have to for any reason cancel a customer’s order, do let him know that you are doing so by giving a proper explanation.


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