Increase your amazon sales in india

How to increase my sales on Amazon India?

I have heard every seller stating “I want to increase my Amazon sales”. Amazon being a competitive market with a lot of sellers, continuous as well as smart efforts are required from sellers end to boost sales on Amazon.

Identify unique products to sell

If you choose common products to sell on Amazon, you will be one among the thousands of other sellers.

But if you choose a unique product to sell, you can at least escape the competition until a new entrant peeks in.

Most importantly, never conclude that “I can be successful on Amazon only if I sell unique products”. It can just improve your chances of achieving more sales.

Even if you are selling similar or same product like yours, if you pay attention to other important factors, then you can definitely improve your sales on Amazon.


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Pay attention to the product listing

Product listing, if done rightly can improve your product’s chances of ranking higher on the search results.

Adding relevant and competitive keywords can serve the purpose. For which, a full-fledged keyword analysis of the market is required before incorporating them in the product content.

And also, by making your product page appealing you can definitely increase your chances of sales conversion.

Sellers can take advantage of EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) to enhance the appearance of your product page.

Play around product pricing

Are you a seller who fixes the product price at a constant value?

Then I am kind of thinking it may affect your sales.

Pricing is one of the determinants that Amazon considers for winning the buy box, as well as for ranking the product on search results.

So, by competitively pricing your products, you can improve your chances of winning more sales on Amazon.

Cross-sell your products

So you have a solid base of customers who have made a purchase from you on Amazon.

Do you want them to make the next purchase with you again? Then why don’t you try cross-selling your products to them?

Insight Mailer provides a solution for running promotional campaigns for your existing customers.

You can tailor the campaigns with respect to customer geolocation, high/low selling products. Y

ou can also run special campaigns for your repeat customers. This way, you can cross sell products to your existing customers.

Have an eye on feedback and reviews

In simple, positive feedback and reviews on Amazon can trigger future potential buyers to make a positive purchase decision and this can improve your chances of winning the sales.

In case of negative feedback and reviews, it is the other way around. So paying attention and taking corrective actions for negative feedback is something you need to focus on as a part of your primary business activity.

Try out lightning deals

Lightning deals are short-term deals that you can apply for your products, and the product has to be added to cart and proceeded to payment within the particular time period.

You can apply a simple trick here, for products that are slow moving, you can try lightning deals to increase the chances of sales.

Aim for the Amazon buy box

You would have seen a buy box eligibility percentage displayed on your seller central account.

Amazon considers few factors to reward you with the buy box. And winning the buy box can improve your chances of boosting your sales on Amazon.

Aim to increase product ranking on Amazon

Products that are listed on the first three search results have higher chances of winning the sales.

So, from sellers side, it is important to check where your product falls on the search results and take all possible measures to rank your products higher on search results.

Wrap up

All the above best practices can be incorporated in your business activities to cope up with the competition and to increase sales on Amazon.

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