increase product ranking on Amazon

How to increase product ranking on Amazon?

Irrespective of the huge competition Amazon holds, every seller on Amazon aspires to achieve good sales.

If your products are listed on the first three pages on Amazon, they have higher chances of sales conversion.

Amazon algorithm considers few vital factors to determine the product ranking.


You can boost product ranking on Amazon by competitively pricing the products.

On the Amazon marketplace, it is highly important to focus on product pricing. And there are a lot of sellers who are into the same product as yours.

By pricing the products competitively, your product has higher chances of hitting the top of the search results. This way, you can win most of the sales opportunities.


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Amazon feedback and reviews

Positive feedback and reviews can improve product ranking on Amazon and vice-versa.

So, it is highly required to heed attention and take corrective actions for any negative feedback and review that you recieve, and also try to boost the number of positive seller feedback and reviews for your products and sales service.

Both of these can be achieved through an Amazon feedback management tool, Insight Mailer. Most of the Amazon sellers have seen immense results by incorporating the tool.

Of course, Keywords

Adding relevant and competitive keywords to the product title and description can help Amazon algorithm to crawl your product page for the respective search results.

Furthermore, keywords that cannot fit into product title or description can be added in the backend searchable keywords.

And these keywords are considered as additional information by Amazon algorithm to crawl the product page for search results.

Fulfilled by Amazon

Selling with FBA is one of the determinants to increase product ranking on Amazon.

If you are a registered FBA seller, the product stock level is actually transparent to Amazon.

Hence, when orders are placed by buyers, Amazon can self assure that there are essential number of stocks to fulfil the order and hence it can process the order more confidently.

Hence, the possibility of ranking higher on search results increases if you are a registered FBA seller.

Inventory level

If your product is out of stock, it is automatically pushed towards the end of the search results by Amazon algorithm.

Hence, by maintaining optimal inventory level and updating the stock count on Amazon, you can maintain as well as gradually increase product ranking on Amazon.

History of sales performance

Amazon puts customer satisfaction first, that is why it considers good seller metrics as an important determinant.

Good seller metrics indicate that you had processed the old orders pretty well, and the order defect rate is comparatively low, which means you had already satisfied your old buyers, and if given a chance you will delight your future customers.

Hence, better the seller metrics your products will rank higher on search results.

To conclude

Once you understand how Amazon algorithm works, you can tap in all possible opportunities to improve product ranking on Amazon.

And, it definitely requires steady and continuous efforts and commitments from sellers end.

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