How to Manage Negative Feedback on Amazon?

Negative Reviews on Amazon can drastically affect your position as a seller as against positive feedback and reviews.

These reviews can also lessen your chances of getting a Buy Box for your products.

New sellers must take the effort to see that they do not get such feedback and reviews right from the beginning.

Amazon can also help you in this regard if you take the right move at the right time. While the whole process of managing negative feedbacks on Amazon can appear to be quite challenging, it is not so daunting if you keep regular track of the feedback and reviews that you get.

Both customers and Amazon have a time period of 60 days to remove Negative Feedback. 

If this is the first time you are experiencing them, this article can walk you through some simple steps to deal with them.

Use a Tool to Monitor your Product Reviews

If you have quite a few products for sale on Amazon, it is bound to be difficult to manually keep a tab on the feedback and reviews that you can get for them.

An Amazon Feedback Software like Insight Mailer can help you in this regard and also save a lot of time. It can also help to bring to your notice feedback that you might have otherwise overlooked.


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Cover up Bad Feedbacks with Good Ones

A simple way to overcome negative feedback is to increase your Positive Feedback and Ratings. The best way to achieve this is by giving the customer high-quality products with excellent customer service.

You can contact your customers personally asking for reviews or insert a card along with the product you are shipping asking for the customer’s review.

However, refrain from offering incentives in exchange for the positive feedback. Depending on how comfortable the buyer felt when interacting with you, he/she may remove the negative feedback from the website.

Match Product Descriptions with Images

When you make your listing on Amazon, ensure that the product description that you provide matches the image that you give for the product.

Also, remember to send the customer his/her product on time and keep him/her informed. This can help to lessen the product returns and negative feedback that you get.

Acknowledge the Negative Feedback

When you get negative or neutral feedback, do not ignore it. Get to the customer as soon as possible and start the conversation or email with an apology note.

Make sure you maintain a polite tone throughout the interaction when you try to find out what went wrong.

You can also consider getting the customer’s inputs on what you can do to set things right. It is best that you keep the interaction private and not open on the Amazon website for all to see.

This can also be a great way to Increase Feedback for Amazon sellers. 

Even neutral or three-star feedback must be given due attention when you come across one.

Seek Amazon’s Help to Eliminate a Review

As a seller, one tip to deal with Negative Feedback from your customer is to get Amazon’s help to remove the same. However, keep in mind that this assistance will be provided only if the review violates its guidelines set by Amazon.

Some instances of violation are Amazon Reviews with a one-star rating with no proper explanation, promotional content, a product review in place of seller review and foul language.

If you are an FBA vendor, alert Amazon as soon as you get such a review before getting to the customer.

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