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How to Manage your Feedback on Amazon?

Managing your feedback on Amazon is very essential for you to establish yourself as a much sought after seller on the online platform. Depending on the volume of feedback you get, you can either do this manually or deploy the services of a feedback software like Insight Mailer to help you with this.

Getting a good count of positive feedback can increase your chance of being in a buyer’s good books. After all, who doesn’t like to hear a compliment for their products and/or services?

This can also in turn increase seller ratings and get you more customers.

The following are some ways you can Manage your Feedback on Amazon

Get in touch with the customer personally

A personal interaction with the buyer can do wonders. Include a note along with the product requesting him/her to leave a feedback about your service.

Do not forget to mention the link on the Amazon website where you would like the feedback to be posted. If you receive a positive feedback, do make it a practice to thank the buyer for the same.


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Alternatively, if you get a feedback that is not in your favor, see what you can do to turn it around. Send an apology the customer requesting for an explanation about what happened and follow up with what you can do to make things better.

Excellent customer service can at times mellow down even an angry customer and make him/her replace the negative feedback with a positive one.

Remember, that the buyer has only 60 days from the date of leaving the first feedback to do so.

Use Amazon feedback software

When you have too much feedback to address, manually working your way through them can be challenging. You may even end up missing a few of them.

Check out various Amazon feedback software in the market and pick out what works best for you. You can often customize most of them to notify you if you receive a negative review on Amazon. This ensures that you can eliminate such reviews as soon as they occur.

Negative seller reviews can affect your position as an Amazon seller if they are not addressed on time.

Look out for fake reviews

A very short review that is either vague or a review without mentioning anything about your sales or product is very likely to be a fake review. Other buyers may see this as a negative feedback and avoid buying your products.

Removing such reviews immediately can help you get positive feedback and ratings.

Too many reviews in a short period could also mean that they are fake.

Check for FBA

If the feedback was pertaining to an FBA sale, talk to Amazon if you are concerned about the feedback received.

It is Amazon’s responsibility to see that the customer is happy with the sales service. So, you can avail their help to get a positive seller feedback without checking out with the customer.

You can also approach Amazon to remove reviews that are against the review posting rules set by them.


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