Sell Globally from India

How to start selling globally from India?

As an Amazon seller from India, you may aspire to sell on international marketplaces. When there are international customers who are willing to buy from you, then why do you have to restrict yourself from the opportunity?

Follow these simple steps to get started quickly.


Sign into your Amazon seller account using your seller credentials

Step 2:

Go to inventory ⇒ Sell Globally

Step 3:

Select the marketplaces where you are planning to extend your sales

Currently, Global selling supports these international domains

North America - Amazon US, Amazon Mexico, Amazon Canada
Europe - 5 EU Marketplaces
Japan Market

Step 4:

 Fill in the following details to proceed

  • Business information and Contact details
  • Contact number
  • Credit Card details
  • Personal ID details

Start Forever Free

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How does it work?

  • Get registered on the international domains, you intend to sell
  • Get your products listed.
  • Decide upon, how you are going to ship your products. You can either opt for FBA or self-ship
  • Once you receive orders, you can process the orders and take it forward for shipments
  • The payments are credited to your bank account, in Indian Rupees

Benefits of registering yourself in Amazon Global selling

  • Reach millions of customers worldwide
  • Take advantage of the international festive seasons and increase your Amazon sales revenue

Amazon Global selling dashboard

It provides vital metrics of your Amazon Global business

Widget: Sales Summary

 Allows you to compare sales between the international domains. You can choose from different time periods of 7, 15 and 30 days. You can also view the data in specified currency like Indian rupee, USD, Euro and etc,...

Widget: Orders

Provides the number of orders that are pending,unshipped and returned across various international domains where you have registered to sell.

Widget: Buyer messages

Lists buyer messages across international domains. This widget lets you know as and when you receive a buyer message and allows you to respond to the messages promptly.

Widget: Seller status

 It provides the status (i.e) health of sellers Amazon account across various international domains.

Grow big! Reach out your products worldwide! Accelerate your sales!

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