Geo locations for Amazon sellers

Importance of Geo locations for Amazon sellers

This blog will take you through few reasons why having a clear picture of buyer’s geolocation is an essential part of your Amazon business and how it can help you to take important business decisions.

Helps Amazon sellers to understand the geographic reach for the products

Understanding the Geolocation of customers will get you a clear picture of where maximum and minimum sales come from.

And also, will give you an idea of where you have no reach for your products.


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Helps Amazon sellers to run promotional campaigns more effectively

Here I refer to promotional campaigns, like retargeting campaigns that can be sent to existing customer base to cross-sell your products. Let’s say, there is a festival or event happening in Mumbai. And you want to promote a product to your existing customer base who are from Mumbai. You can leverage Insight Mailer’s promotional campaigns that can be tailored to target particular geography. This way, you can prevent rolling out irrelevant emails to customers from other geolocations.

Helps non FBA sellers to plan warehousing and logistics

Having a clear idea of where you get your maximum or minimum sales from, helps you to plan your warehousing and logistics if you are a non-FBA seller. For areas where there are maximum sales for a particular item, you can plan your warehousing to store an additional batch of products and vice-versa. Hence, having a clear-cut idea on customers geolocation can help you to plan warehousing and logistics more effectively.

Winding up

Amazon Seller software, Insight Mailer provides you with definite and consolidated data of buyer’s geolocation. If employed perfectly, it can help you to make important business decisions and run Amazon business more effectively.

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