Tasks Widget for an Amazon seller

Importance of Recommended Tasks Widget for an Amazon seller

There are a lot of widgets available on the seller central that can help sellers to manage Amazon business competitively well. One of them, being the ‘Recommended Task’ widget.

This widget appears on the home screen and alerts the seller about the critical tasks that are associated with your Amazon account.

For example, the Amazon policy is that ODR (Order Defect Rate) be less than 1%. And, if it exceeds the threshold range, it can lead to higher risk of account suspension.

Tasks Widget for an Amazon selles

There are few other performance metrics that are related with your Amazon Account health. And each parameter is tied to a threshold range. To name a few, Late dispatch rate that has a threshold rate of 4% and Pre-cancellation rate that has a threshold rate of 2.5%

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Most of the time, in account to your busy schedule you will not be able to track down if the parameters are at its perfect place. That is where this widget can help you. It will let you know if any of the parameters have dropped, and also recommends suggestions to address the same.

In addition to anything related to Amazon account health, it also displays other vital tasks related to your Amazon business.

For example,

Winding up

Sellers need not move across various tabs looking for the vital pieces of information, instead can access a simple widget that provides a cumulative view of it. Thus making it simpler and easier.

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