Increase your Feedback and Seller Rating on Amazon

Increase your Feedback,Product Reviews and Seller Rating on Amazon

Not every customer who purchased products on Amazon leaves feedback, product review or seller rating.

If 100 customers purchased products from you on Amazon, only 5 of them leave seller feedback.

It is because of two main reasons.

They may forget to leave feedback, or they may don’t know where and how to leave feedback.

The same is applicable to product reviews as well as seller ratings.

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller and buyer communication tool that helps to manage Amazon feedback, product reviews, and seller ratings on a single dashboard.

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How to get more feedback on Amazon?

Insight Mailer can be tailored in a perfect way to increase feedback on Amazon.

The tool has a wide range of professionalized templates with the perfect link to request seller feedback from Amazon customers. This way, you have higher chances to improve feedback on Amazon.

And, more seller feedback on Amazon that are good/positive is a bottom-line requirement for a non-FBA seller, because it gives a piece of information to the potential buyers that their product will be delivered at the right time (or) good packaging (or) undamaged product (or) good customer service.

Any buyer who goes through these positive comments will undoubtedly make a purchase from you.

How to get more product reviews on Amazon?

If you are a private label seller, then product reviews are vital, because they truly explain what your customers feel about your product, its features, and the functionalities.

And also, it helps you to understand the drawback or defects your product holds.

To increase product reviews on Amazon, you can simply ask for it.

Insight Mailer has a range of professionalized product review request templates that can be tailored to get product reviews on Amazon.

This way, you have higher chances to improve product reviews on Amazon and can improve brand visibility and attract more sales.

And undoubtedly, a delightful purchase experience will fetch you more positive reviews on Amazon.

How to improve seller reviews on Amazon?

Seller feedback is sometimes represented as seller reviews. And every seller aspires to increase seller reviews on Amazon because a good seller review is highly important for non-FBA sellers and it virtually represents that the seller is performing well with respect to product storage, packaging, shipping, and customer service.

And as discussed in the first paragraph of this article, Insight Mailer has a set of predefined templates to request seller reviews on Amazon.

This way, you have higher chances to get more seller reviews on Amazon.

How to improve seller ratings on Amazon?

Every seller aspires to improve ratings on Amazon because seller rating is the first thing that captures the eyes of the buyers.

And not to miss, potential buyers tend to make a positive purchase experience if the seller rating is above or equal to 4.

To achieve this, first and foremost requirement is to deliver good quality products as well as perfect execution of logistics.

If you are a FBA seller, then you need not worry about the second factor.

But if you are a registered MFN seller, then warehousing and logistics are some important factors that have to be paid more attention.

Insight Mailer will help you to increase seller ratings on Amazon.

The tool provides a well-defined template that can be scheduled and shot out at a single click to request ratings on Amazon.

This way, you have good chances to increase ratings on Amazon.

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