Amazon sales Rank

Mastering sales ranking on Amazon

What is an Amazon sales ranking?

The rank is specified for each SKU (product) and Amazon algorithm updates it on frequent basis. Amazon algorithm considers the performance of earlier sales to determine the rank.

To note: The rank is independent of the product category.

Where does the sales ranking gets indexed on the product page?

Amazon sales rank gets indexed in the product information widget on the product page.

Amazon sales ranking

Importance of mastering sales ranking

1: Higher the sales rank, higher is the chance of attracting customers to the product pages

Higher the sales rank,  better is your Amazon sales. Let’s say, a customer is searching for mobile accessories on Amazon. There are plenty of sellers who are into the same product category. And, so the buyer keeps scrolling through the search results.

The best seller badge on your product is one of the factors that attract the buyer to the product page. Thus, aiding customer acquisition.

2: Higher the sales rank, higher is the customer’s readiness to purchase it

The term “Bestseller” marks positive brand experience on the buyer's mind. Thus, initiating quicker and positive purchase decision.

How to improve sales ranking on Amazon?

As previously stated, Amazon algorithm considers the performance of earlier sales to determine the sales ranking for a product. Therefore, improving the quality and volume of sales can lead to better sales ranking.

In simple words, mastering best seller rank comes from mastering sales


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Following are the best practices to master sales on Amazon

1: Amazon is not for poor quality products

Procuring or manufacturing low-quality products and selling it on Amazon for low cost can broadly increase the volume of sales. But there are higher chances it affects the quality of sales, leading to higher Order Defect Rate (ODR) percentages.

2: Product that gets listed on the first 10 search results have a higher probability of winning the sales

Most of the buyers end up making a product purchase that is listed on the first 10 search results. You are losing on the sales opportunity when your products are not listed on those pages (i.e) when the product ranking is low. Therefore, aim to improve product ranking to stay ahead of the competition and win the sales.

3: Winning buy box means winning the sales

When you are one among the few other merchants who are selling the same product like yours, winning buy box means winning the sales. There are a few factors that contribute to the buy box percentage. Read more about it in a blog (Blog link)

4: Amazon feedback and reviews play a major role

Most of the buyers read through this section before deciding on purchases. Positive feedback and reviews lead to positive purchase decision and result in an increase in Amazon sales. Negative feedback and reviews can inversely impact the buyer’s purchase decision and lower down sales.

Therefore, it is important to reduce the impact of negative feedback and improve positive feedback and reviews. Both of these can be achieved with an Amazon feedback and review management tool, Insight Mailer.

5: Better the product description, higher is the sale conversions

A better product page can convert a visitor to a buyer. Not sure whether your product page drives in sales? Let the experts handle it. Altius has helped 1000+ sellers to increase Amazon sales.

Have a look to see how Altius Technologies can help you

● Create rich product content - Title and description that increases product visibility on Amazon search results

● An accurate product description that reduces the order return rate

● Optimized product content in compliance with Amazon guidelines

Winding up

By following all the above-mentioned strategies you are taking a step towards improving the volume and quality of sales, that results in an improvement in the sales ranking.


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