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Selling on Amazon in India- Insight Mailer

Step 1: Get started, by signing up for an Amazon seller account

To get yourself started is simple. If you have the following details on hand, you can get started quickly.

The required documents are

  1. GST number/ Company PAN number
  2. Bank details
  3. Signature photocopy
  4. Company name and complete address

Step 2: Get your products listed on Amazon

Listing your products perfectly well is the first step towards attracting sales. A product page is one of the ways, you can communicate with your potential buyers. In simple, a good product page converts visitors to buyers.

Detailed cataloging is key to a good product page.

It involves 4 vital elements

  • Incorporating keywords to product content
  • Product title and description as per Amazon guidelines
  • Accurate product description
  • High-quality images to better describe the products

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Step 3: Competitively price the products

If you are into a niche product category, you escape a lot of competition that Amazon holds. But when you are one among the 10 sellers on the product category, the success of your sales is based on your product price.

In such cases, you can take advantage of Amazon’s Automate pricing. It allows you to feed in required conditions based on which, pricing of the products gets automatically altered.

It helps you win the buy box and drive in more sales.

Step 4: Promote your product listings

Creating product pages is just 50% of the work done. You will start experiencing more sales once you are promoting your product pages.

Following are the two effective ways to promote your product listings

  • Amazon sponsored Ads: Implementing keyword targeted sponsored Ads can drive internal traffic to your prouct list.
  • Social Media: Aim to drive external traffic to your Amazon product pages by promoting the listings on social media platforms

Marketing activities help you drive visitors to your product page. But converting a visitor to buyer hugely depends on 4 important factors.

  • Product Description
  • Product Images
  • Product pricing
  • Feedback and reviews

Step 5: Pay key attention to feedback and reviews

A product page visitor goes through seller feedback and product reviews before making a purchase decision. Positive feedback and reviews attract sales. On the other hand, negative feedback and reviews let down sales.

Hence, it is important to improve positive feedback and reviews on your product page and reduce the number of negative feedback. Both of these can be achieved through an Amazon seller software, Insight Mailer.

Step 6: Once you acquire, retain your customers

So, you have taken all the possible measures to bring in sales by attracting new customers. Once you have delivered happy purchase experience to your buyers, they will consider purchasing from you the next time. You can take this as an opportunity to cross-sell the products.

Insight Mailer allows you to run targeted promotional campaigns to your existing customer base, thus allowing you to cross-sell other products on your selling list.

Step 7: Use Amazon Seller App

Anything that you can do with your seller central, can be done from your Amazon Seller App.

Available: Android and ios.

Every seller out there owns a smartphone. When you can manage your business with an app on your smartphone, then why do you have to restrict yourself from that opportunity. Keep your business on-the-track from anywhere and at anytime by employing the app.

You can start using the app right from the time you have opened a selling account. This turns out easier on your end.

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