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The Ultimate guide to launch new product on Amazon

As you browse through millions of products on Amazon, have you ever wondered how new products are launched in Amazon?

Launching a new product on Amazon is one thing, and generating sales is a whole new challenge.

Have you heard about the Amazon A9 algorithm?

The Amazon A9 algorithm is quite distinct compared to Google algorithms.

SEO agencies could help you rank better on Google, but Amazon ranking requires a different approach. Google uses a variety of factors to deliver the best and most relevant search results from reputable sources.

Whereas for Amazon, sales is a deciding factor for ranking the products.

The higher the sales leads to better ranking of your products.

If you are just starting off, this could be a vicious circle. So before you launch your Amazon product and fail miserably, take our advice. Read on…

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Pick a Rank-able product

We understand a lot goes behind designing and manufacturing a product.

But before you chose the product you want to sell, RESEARCH.

Keep the following points in mind while choosing your product to sell-

Competition– Choose a product that has less competition and niche market. The higher the competition, the tougher to get yourself ranked high.

Audience– Know the kind of audience who would be interested in your product. Do they shop on Amazon? Or not.

Interest– You need to always choose a product that you are interested and you could see growth in the lifeline of your product. The product itself needs to evolve over time. Your interest in the life of your product is crucial.

Lightweight– Statistics show that people prefer to buy lightweight products on amazon.

Competing with the latest– Make sure you chose a product, whose competing brands/products has less than 500 reviews.

Repeat business– You want your customer base to increase. What better way than to get repeat business from satisfied customers.

Brand your product

People look at brands before buying a product. Even if you are new to the whole online game, give your products a brand name, identity, personality and brand strength and differentiation from the competition.

Defining all this will help you understand where you stand and how to market your product on Amazon.

This will largely help you in creating Amazon Merchant Account.

Importance of Keywords

Use keywords for your listings.

Think about the common terms your target audience would type in to find products like yours. Use these keywords as part of your product description.

Product Features

Focusing on key product features is crucial.

These are the deciding factors of product purchase for potential shoppers. Spend some time on this and highlight how choosing your product would benefit the shopper.

Set up FBA shipping perfectly

If you are going to chose ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ for your product, make sure you fill the form properly.

This is managed through the Seller Central section of your Amazon Merchant account, and unfortunately can be difficult to navigate.

Make sure you provide the right information for the below.

  • Supplier address
  • Box dimensions & weights
  • Number of units per box
  • Carrier (transport or delivery company)
  • SKU of the product

Once you have entered all the details, you will be supplied with labelling stickers.

Labelling is very important since it has information as to which Amazon warehouse your product is headed to.

Keep stock

Post-launch and hopefully an increase in sales, you will keep receiving more and more orders, considering that the reviews and rankings have an upward swing.

When orders are made, it is very important you have your stock ready to be shipped.

Delay in shipment or lack of product availability will cause your product to lose its rankings, thus affecting your sales. So make sure you are well stocked.

Need more information on how to go about with launching your product on Amazon?


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