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Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase their Sales

Are you an Amazon seller who is planning to take your business to the next level?

Growing online is getting competitive every day. Just like all other business, key to grow your Amazon business is understanding your customers.

But how can you really get to know your customers, when they aren’t providing reviews and ratings.

Clever move on your reviews and ratings

When it comes to Amazon, it is said that only 5 to 8% of buyers, leave a review.

There are certain unfortunate cases where you leave a buyer with an unsatisfied purchase experience, and 90% of the unsatisfied customers tend to leave a negative review that can let down your seller reputation and futuristic sales.

This situation is crucial and how you respond to it is important. It is healthy to professionally communicate with your customers, understand the issue and fix it as early as possible.

Once they know that you really care about them, they are more likely to change their negative review with a positive one. And, they may even make the next purchase with you.

Seems like a clever move. Isn’t it?

On the other hand, reviews from satisfied customers are highly important to boost up your visibility.

But unfortunately, they may not leave a review. You can take up this opportunity to jump in and request them politely to leave a review.

Positive seller feedbacks from your delighted customers can improve your brand’s integrity and reliability. And also, your seller metrics can pitch up.

This can attract new buyers to try your products more confidently and also, encourage the old customers to stick on to your brand.

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Schedule Automated Emails to your customers by requesting them for Feedback,Reviews and Ratings.


Active Communication is the key

Approaching customers in a more appealing way can help you gain product reviews.

Let’s say, you are reaching out to your customers and requesting a feedback for your product service.

How many emails can you send per day?

Can you customize the email with respect to order status? It will consume manpower as well, prolonged time to handle it manually.

Let’s say, you are selling 30+ products on Amazon per day, requesting for a customized feedback manually is a tedious process.

Automating the entire process can save you manpower and time. It is a clever move to leverage the power of Amazon feedback management software like Insight Mailer to automate feedback requests.

In addition, our tool can also provide you with important insights like customer’s geography, top-selling products and order status that can help you to manage your Amazon business.

Also, Insight Mailer’s powerful email campaigns that are tailored to every requirement is an added advantage you tend to enjoy.

Increase your seller visibility and futuristic sales with Insight Mailer

Are you wondering how to increase your sales with us?

We will get you through with two measures.

Firstly, automated review request emails can help you gain more reviews on your product. Higher the number of product reviews and ratings, higher is your visibility and obviously, higher is your futuristic sales.

And also, automated feedback request emails can help you gain more feedback on your sales service. This can improve trustworthiness and hence buyers will make purchases from you more confidently. And luckily, positive seller feedbacks can increase your chance of winning Amazon buy box.

Secondly, happy customers tend to make a purchase from you for the next time, without any reluctance. Insight Mailer can help you reach out to them more professionally, with promotional email campaigns that are tailored to showcase other products on your list, which are related to your customer’s last purchase.

This action can professionally inform the buyers about the other products you are selling, which enables the buyer to make a purchase from you again, irrespective of thousands of merchants selling the same commodity. And, when all this can happen with a single click, it can get more simple and risk-free on you.

In a nutshell

Insight Mailer can help you receive 3X more product reviews, which can boost up your futuristic sales.

As well, using Insight Mailer you can start building a relationship with your customers that can bring in repetitive purchases from them.

Overall, it helps you improve your visibility on Amazon.

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