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Tips for Getting your Amazon Product Descriptions Right

“We are now living in the age of the customer – where the customer is in control, not the seller.” [Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelist]

Product descriptions go a long way in enhancing your Amazon sales. Often, buyers are not interested in spending too much time on a web page that they do not find engaging.

As a rule, Amazon restricts the character limit of product titles to 200. Ideally, a product title should have a minimum of 150 characters. You can consider using apt keywords followed by parameters like brand name, product name, color and minimum order quantity in the title.

Likewise, the actual product description must not exceed 2,000 characters.

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Here, we present you with some tips to write your product descriptions such that you have more buyers.

Avoid keyword stuffing in your title and description

Opt for the right Amazon keywords to include in your product title and description. Often, you may find quite a few keywords that you think are apt for describing the product.

While you can use more than one of them, remember not to indulge in keyword stuffing. This can make the description less appealing to a buyer and stop him from reading further and can dampen your Click-Through-Rate.

Turn around features into benefits

As an Amazon seller, you will undoubtedly want to highlight the features of your product. But, buyers are more interested in knowing the advantages of the same. So, keep this in mind when you describe your product.

If you sell a smartphone with a battery life of 3600mAh, you could consider mentioning “You can use your smartphone for two days continuously with its powerful 3600 mAh battery.”.

Remember to mention this advantage in the title as well.

An example would be Xiaomi Mi Max, 6.44” Large Screen Smartphone, White, 2-Day Battery Life (3600 mAh).

Use the right tone to describe your product

Frame your product descriptions such that they are convincing to the buyer and make him want to buy from you.

As a kurta seller, you could say “This white kurta with small bright flowers gives you an elegant look. Made of polyester, the lightweight apparel requires little maintenance.”

Make the description easily understandable

Although you may have a lot to write about your product, a buyer is likely to spend very little time on a page.

Hence, make them easy to read. Avoid giving a single long paragraph with all the details as reading it can be time consuming and make a likely buyer run out of patience.

Instead, you can opt for subheadings to describe the important features and write about them.

Bullet points work best for talking about features such as size, weight, color and so on. In both cases, keep the most significant details on top.

Choose high-resolution images for your product

It may sound difficult to believe but a good image is just as important as the right product description.

Use high-resolution images that have more clarity. If possible, try and use two to three images of the product as it would appear when viewed from different angles.

To wind up, when you start writing a description, always keep a buyer in mind. Analyze how your products can make his life easier.

Once you are done with the description, review the same a few times.

This can help to ensure that you have not missed mentioning vital points like the right choice and proper positioning of keywords and/or benefits of your products.

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