Increase Feedback and Sales on Amazon

Tips to Increase Feedback & Sales on Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller, you must be aware that feedback and sales make or break your opportunity of continuing to sell your products on the online platform.

In case are a newbie, you will have to strive continually to get reviews and ratings in your favor.

Keep in mind that you are likely to get two types of feedback – seller and product.

While both are important, increasing your sales on Amazon largely depends on how much positive seller feedback you get.

The following are some tips you can practice to ensure more feedback and sales.

Use Amazon Feedback Software to Increase Feedback

You might want to consider using an Amazon feedback tool to help you deal with the feedback that you receive.

Feedback software like Insight Mailer exclusively meant for increasing Amazon feedback can help you get a good feedback score by reviewing each feedback and placing requests to remove negative feedback.

The type of feedback you get plays a key role in increasing the feedback count.

Five good feedbacks get you more chances of receiving yet another good feedback than two good feedbacks and three average or bad feedbacks.


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Choose Automation Measures whenever you can

Use automation tools to help you with listing your products and automatically reorder them when they run out of stock.

This can help you to spend your time fruitfully on business strategies like customer engagement and/or marketing and in turn drive your sales.

Pay Importance to SEO for your Product Title

SEO plays a key role in determining the listing position of your product on the website.

You might consider using the Amazon Keyword Tool to help you choose the right product title.

Amazon suggests that the 500 characters long title include keywords like the brand, product description, color, and material.

Apart from the title, Amazon also offers its sellers a keyword field. It is a good idea to use this field to make a maximum of five keyword entries not mentioned in the title for better Amazon seller feedback.

Establish Direct Customer Contact Immediately

This does not always mean a face-to-face talk with your customer. Often an email, a phone call, or just about any method of connecting with the customer can go a long way to increase feedback for Amazon sellers.

If a customer leaves a negative review, get in touch at the earliest to find out what went wrong.

There are chances that when you show the customer that you care for him or her, the buyer will replace his negative feedback with a positive one or include a new one in your favor.

And if you are lucky, the customer will also place his next order with you. This will help you increase your sales volume.

Use the Fulfillment by Amazon Option

This is Amazon’s way of helping you to boost your sales and increase seller ratings.

A quick look at the Amazon website will tell you that most top sellers here rely on the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) option.

All you have to do to use this option is to send your inventory to Amazon and pay them a nominal fee for storing your products and shipping them.

It is then Amazon’s responsibility to see that you receive your order the way you want it to be in the specified time.

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