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Tips to perk up your Amazon product landing page

Amazon being a very competitive marketplace, buyers have a lot of options to go forward with.

One of the clever moves a seller can take is converting a product page visitor to a buyer.

Now, arises the question “How do you convert a visitor to a buyer?”

Well, the answer is simple. When the visitor lands on your product page, if he/she feels convinced, then it is definitely a sales-win situation.

Here are a few factors that can be perked-up on your product page to convince the visitors and turn the sales in favor of you.

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Product Display

Images can demonstrate a product better than words. If the product images are more convincing, there is a high possibility that the potential buyers will make a positive purchase decision.

So, always make sure to optimize the product image before uploading them to the product listings.

Product image requirements, as per Amazon guidelines

 ● Product images should have a white background

● Good quality product image in the size 1000*1000 pixels is preferable

● Product images can contain the brand name

● Using watermarks is not the best for the product images because it may hide some of the important product parts

And also, I would highly recommend you to add images from various angles to better demonstrate your products.

Furthermore, you can also embellish the appearance of the landing page by taking advantage of EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), for which you need to get yourself enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry.

To get enrolled on Amazon Brand Registry

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible for Amazon brand registry (ie) Your brand name must hold an active trademark, either image-based or text-based

Step 2: You can use your seller central credentials to sign into the brand registry

Step 3: Once you are in, you can enter the following details to get enrolled

 ● Brand name

● Trademark type (Text or Image)

● Registered trademark  number

● Product categories, in which your brand’s products have to be listed

● Countries, where you manufacture and distribute

Once you are done, you can avail the benefits of EBC.

Amazon provides 5 templates, from which you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

And, also it has a unique feature of adding an Alt tag to images that can additionally support product SEO.

 Product description

When it comes to describing your product, never miss out even on teeny-tiny pieces of information.

And also, It is better to add important attributes of the product as bullet points.

It can catch the eyes of the buyers more easily than a paragraph of text. Once they get all the required information they are looking for, they end up making a positive purchase decision.

 Product reviews

It is a general tendency of potential buyers to glance through the product review section before making a purchase decision.

More the number of positive product reviews, higher is the chance of positive sale conversions. So it is highly important to improve reviews on Amazon.

In general, customers do not leave a review because of two major reasons. One being, they forget to leave a review.

The second being, they are not aware of how and where to leave the review.

Both of these impediments can be overcome using Insight Mailer, an Amazon feedback management tool that acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers.

The tool provides a range of predefined templates that can be configured at a single click to request reviews from your customers. This way, you can increase product reviews on Amazon landing page.

 Amazon seller rating

Potential buyers tend to look at the stars that appear at the top of the product page, before looking into the product review section.

It catches the eyes of the buyers before they slide through the other sections of the page.

Undoubtedly, 3 or 4 stars can be more convincing and aids sales conversion. If you had delighted your Amazon customers, and they haven’t left ratings, you can simply ask for it.

Just like in the case of product reviews, Insight Mailer provides a range of professionalized template that can be triggered at a single click to request ratings from Amazon customers, and it aids to increase ratings on Amazon.

Cost of the product

Usually, buyers make a purchase decision based on the product price. More competitively your product is priced, higher is your chance of hitting the sales.

Hence, it is highly vital to reprice your products on regular basis with respect to market trends.

Win the buy box

Winning the buy box means winning the sales (ie) buy box will provide an opportunity to grab the sales against the competition.

And undoubtedly, every Amazon seller aims to win the buy box. On your seller central account, you would be able to view the buy box percentage. And, there are a few determinants that are tied to the chances of improving the buy box percentage.

We will get you there :

Winding up

The product page is the only way you can communicate with your potential buyers. Hence, managing it pretty well can convince the buyers to make a positive purchase decision. In simple words, a well-managed product page can increase Amazon sales.

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