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Top 10 reasons to start a business on Amazon India

1.Get started with the business right away

Getting started with a business requires licenses, warehousing, retail spacing and a lot of documentation. Skip all these, and Amazon facilitates you to get started with your business right away. In no time you hold a constructive business.

A typical business requires capital, marketing strategy, hiring employees. Amazon streamlines and eases the entire process.

Furthermore, a typical business requires pulling in customers. But a business on Amazon already owns huge and extensive customer base upon which the business can be built.

2.Possibility to reach millions of customers across the world

Global expansion is a primary objective for both product and service-based business. Expanding a service based business internationally is quite relatively simpler than a product based business.

Any kind of product business is location dependent. And taking it on a global scale requires a lot of effort and a great deal of time.

But business on Amazon is unconditionally location independent. Amazon facilitates to maximize your product reach, reach international customers and sell products to all corners of the world.

Amazon can ease the operations of taking the business global and scaling-up to new markets.

3.Amazon is a brand that people love

 Today, people go for the brand. Building a brand is easier said than done. It is undoubtedly a great deal of time and gradual effort. Creating a brand identity for yourself instantly is impracticable. And that is why you can take the perks of Amazon’s brand identity.

And most certainly, Amazon is one of the leading, well-known and significant brands.

Now the ball is in your court. You get to work with the best brand and it delivers the best positive impact to your Amazon business.

4.Amazon is the best fit for any business model

 Product based B2C business operates in either of the following ways

  • Retail arbitrage - Procuring from a popular brand and reselling it
  • Private label - Procuring from a manufacturer, embarking your brand name and selling it
  • Manufacturer - You manufacture the products, brand and sell them

Business on Amazon is the right choice irrespective of business model.

Are you planning for a wholesale B2B business? Yes, feasible with Amazon’s exclusive selling platform ‘Amazon business’

5.Worried about product shipments? ATS is the champion

 A typical online business revolves around inventory management, warehousing, labeling, product shipments, returns and exchanges, tracking shipments, payments for the product and customer service. It is all-inclusive of anything that is related to forward and reverse logistics.

Amazon ATS (Amazon Transportation System) covers every functionality that is the base for e-commerce logistics, making it easier and hassle-free.

6.Pay only for what you sell

 Amazon is a platform and you have a business on it. The considerable merit is that you pay a percentage of commission only for what you sell.

Selling on Amazon involves no monthly fixed subscription payments and product listing fee. Amazon works on the idea “Pay as you sell”.

Typically, the following fees are included for every sale happening via Amazon

1.Referral fee, based on the product that you sell

2.Sale closing fee

3.Warehousing and logistics fee (If you let Amazon handle it - FBA fees / You handle it on your own)

7.Not a necessity to invest in brick and mortar stores nor an independent website

 Customer is the King. It is a smart move to go with a business model that is in line with their preferences.

Today, people are inclined towards online shopping and as discussed earlier, Amazon is a brand people prefer to shop. That being the case, a business on Amazon is always a better opportunity.

When the perks of selling on Amazon is huge, then why do you have to go for an independent brick and mortar store or website. Not necessary right?

8.One of the best ways to provide a hassle-free shopping experience to your buyers

The cutting-edge online platform is well-featured with leading, prominent and advanced technology. The process sequence is simple and hassle-free, thereby providing the best and uninterrupted shopping experience to the buyers.

A business on Amazon can get benefitted from the well-equipped technology platform.

9.Just sell, Amazon takes care of the rest

You may aspire to run a business on Amazon for part-time employment. Finding the best partner to operate your business requires a lot of effort.

Getting the product listed is a prime responsibility. The rest can be handled by Amazon. Amazon has a whole set of technical base for marketing, warehousing, and logistics from which the business can get profited.

10.Take advantage of the large number of App downloads

 Amazon India has more than 100 million app downloads, which means a business on Amazon has more than 100 million potential customers.

 Get started today

 Let the experts handle marketplace onboarding for you. Altius ( is a pioneer in marketplace on-boarding and product cataloging.

Happy selling!

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