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Utilizing Amazon Selling Coach widget to its full potential

Selling coach widget that is available on seller central serves 5 important functionalities.

It provides you with notifications and recommendations on the following parameters that help you manage your business perfectly well.


It provides notifications when your product quantity is either running out of stock or running on low.

The report on inventory opportunities provides inventory details across an SKU such as sales of the product in the last few days, the quantity of stock available, number of missed sales due to insufficient inventory. Helps to manage product inventories when you are handling more number of SKUs.

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It gives out suggestions on your product pricing that allows you to win Amazon buy box and stay ahead of the competition. It helps you achieve more sales.


 Acts as a guide when you are planning to add up new products on your selling list. It provides product recommendations based on the requested brand name as well as product categories.

 It considers a few factors such as buyers’ interest and top-selling products to provide the best and prompt product recommendations.


Having a great product is not the only necessity to drive in sales. To attract customers to your product listings, you will need to advertise your products. This can be achieved using Amazon Sponsored Ads. This tab provides advertisement suggestions for your products.


 Acts as a coach when you are planning to opt for FBA. It provides suggestions on the products which can be preferred for FBA.

Just like the Growth functionality, it considers a few factors such as customer’s interest to provide the best suggestion.

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