know about Amazon Seller Flex

What a seller need to know about Amazon Seller Flex?

What is Amazon Seller Flex fulfillment program?

Amazon Seller Flex is a fulfillment program with the motive to provide the sellers with more control over their inventory.

The fulfillment program allows sellers to keep all their products in their own warehouse while enjoying the benefits of FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon).

So they can store and pack their products on their own warehouse whilst enjoying the benefits of getting their products shipped in 1-2 days.

Eligibility for Seller Flex fulfillment program

You are eligible for Seller Flex fulfillment upon an invitation from Amazon. You cannot directly register for it.

Amazon strategically identifies and invites the sellers based on a few selection parameters.

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This is how Seller Flex works

●You can hold your inventory at your warehouse
●Once you receive an order, you can process the order in the seller central
●Make sure to pack the material with Amazon-branded packaging material
●Amazon Transportation System (ATS) picks and ships your order on the same day, and delivers the product in 1-2 days

What are the key essentials from seller’s end?

Additional human resources with good packaging skills and warehouse management

What products are best suitable for Seller Flex program

●For products that require additional storage care, you can go for Seller Flex program. This gives you better control on your products
●Slow-moving products incur additional costs as they are stored in the FBA warehouse for a prolonged time. For such kind of items, you can go for Seller Flex program and as the products are stored in your own warehouse, you are not subjected to additional cost. The same is applicable for seasonal products
●Products that are bulk and heavy incurs additional storage cost in FBA warehouse. For such kind of items, you can go for Seller Flex program to cut up on the additional costs

What are the benefits you can experience from Seller Flex

●Better control over your inventory because all your goods are in your own warehouse
●Gain credibility from buyers because your products are labeled as “Fulfilled By Amazon”
●Assured pick-up and delivery by Amazon Transportation System in (1-2 days)
●Cost cutting – No transportation cost for moving the goods from your warehouse to FBA warehouse
●Benefits of customer services being handled by Amazon

Winding up

Upon invitation from Amazon, you can either opt in or out of it based on your product types and business requirements.

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