best solutions for Amazon business

What are the best solutions for Amazon business?

Ultimately any solution should focus on boosting sales on Amazon. And, with a huge competition that Amazon holds, improving sales does not come easy.

Firstly, I will speak about a solution that can help you re-engage with your existing customer base.

Employing perfect strategies to re-engage your existing customer base is highly essential in today’s market.

In lieu of the immense competition that Amazon holds, acquiring new customers is difficult.

Insight Mailer, an Amazon customer engagement tool allows you to run promotional (retargeting campaigns) to your existing customer base and can be tailored with respect to various parameters like customer geolocation, high/low selling products.

The campaigns are aimed to promote other products on your selling list to them through professionalized email templates, thus increasing sales.

You can also tap your repeat customers separately by offering some special discounts and offers to them.

Furthermore, to improve sales on Amazon there are two important strategies you can count on

1. Try to win Amazon buy box
2. Take all possible actions to get your products listed on the first two pages of the Amazon search results


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And, both of these involve logical efforts to experience gradual improvements.

I will try to put it simply over here. Amazon rewards a seller with buy box based on few factors

● Product pricing – More competitively your product is priced, higher is your chance of winning the buy box
● Amazon seller rating – Higher the seller rating, higher is your chance of winning the buy box
● Adequate inventory – Managing inventories perfectly well can improve your chances of winning the buy box
● Fulfillment By Amazon – FBA is not a necessity, but an added advantage to win the buy box

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Similarly, you need to understand Amazon algorithm to improve product ranking on search results

Here are a few factors that Amazon considers for crawling your products organically with respect to the potential buyer’s search request.

Pricing of the products – Products that are competitively priced have higher chances of getting listed on the top of the product page
History of sales– Better the performance of earlier sales, higher is your product ranking

Amazon feedback and reviews – Positive feedback and reviews can improve your products visibility on Amazon search results and vice-versa
Availability of the products – Holding adequate stocks of the product, can improve its position on the search results
Fulfillment By Amazon – Selling with FBA is an added advantage to improve products visibility on Amazon search results
Product Content – More relevant the keywords are, higher is your product’s chance of getting crawled by Amazon algorithm

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It is highly evident that seller feedback, product reviews, and Amazon seller rating are evidently important to win buy box and increase product ranking on Amazon search results respectively.

Insight Mailer, Amazon seller tool is a full-fledged solution that can improve the possibilities to get more seller feedback, product reviews, and seller ratings on Amazon.

The tool works in a simple manner, it acts as a bridge between sellers and buyers.

The tool provides a wide range of professionalized templates that allows you to request feedback, product review as well as seller rating from Amazon customers as per Amazon guidelines.

This way, there are higher chances that you can increase feedback and reviews on Amazon.

Are you a private label seller?

Are you a private label seller who just started your business on Amazon? Then definitely you need to improve your brand’s visibility to catch up new sales. Don’t worry, we will get you there.

We a team of young experts provide a full-fledged solution for Amazon account management right from creating an Amazon seller central account, brand registry, training new sellers, product listing (Basic + Advanced) that converts visitors to buyers and we also help in perfect planning and execution of Amazon sponsored ads.

And as a private label seller, product reviews are highly integral for your Amazon business as they act as a “virtual salespersons” who speak out to future potential buyers. Positive product reviews speak in favor of you and vice-versa.

Winding up

Just like how Amazon puts customer satisfaction first if you focus on providing the finest purchase experience to your buyers it fetches you more positive reviews on Amazon.

And, Insight Mailer is a must needed tool for all private label sellers.

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