How to use Facebook Ads to Grow your Amazon Sales?

Facebook ads are the most powerful, cost-effective and scalable tool to improve and grow your Amazon rankings and sales. It also builds viewership over the years that in-turn increases your sales ultimately. Why Facebook? Why not any other social media platform? Facebook has more than 2 billion active users monthly. Facebook’s targeted ad tool is quite sophisticated, that showcases your ad to people who are most likely to convert. The tool also allows you to showcase your products to people who have otherwise bought your products in the past or have bought similar products. Over time, it is seen that sellers who combine an Amazon Marketing strategy along with a non-Amazon Promotion strategy are sure to increase sales and rankings. […]

The Ultimate guide to launch new product on Amazon

As you browse through millions of products on Amazon, have you ever wondered how new products are launched in Amazon? Launching a new product on Amazon is one thing, and generating sales is a whole new challenge. Have you heard about the Amazon A9 algorithm? The Amazon A9 algorithm is quite distinct compared to Google algorithms. SEO agencies could help you rank better on Google, but Amazon ranking requires a different approach. Google uses a variety of factors to deliver the best and most relevant search results from reputable sources. Whereas for Amazon, sales is a deciding factor for ranking the products. The higher the sales leads to better ranking of your products. If you are just starting off, this could be […]

Amazon third-party essentials: Services and Tools

Must have Amazon third-party essentials: Services and Tools

Business on Amazon can be profitable if executed and managed perfectly. For which, we bring in the best service and an automated tool to run your Amazon business perfectly well. Amazon services: Cataloging and listing This is the foremost activity of Amazon business, as well as the most important one. Getting your products cataloged perfectly can make the first sales call. To achieve more sales, the product catalog needs to be informative and attractive. A successful product catalog Increases product ranking on Amazon search results Reduces product return rate Increases Amazon sale conversions Not sure, if you could create a successful product catalog? Let the team of experts who are super smart and passionate about online marketplaces handle product […]

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 – Insight Mailer

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2019 is the most looked forward event this year. Like any other year, the sale will first be open to Prime members. Though the exact dates have not been announced yet (expecting late September or early October), Amazon has started to run teasers across all media. A dedicated page is already live hinting that the sale should start soon. This year, Amazon will have focused discounts on electronics and related gadgets. Mobile phones, mobile accessories, gaming and other related products with bundle offers are said to be showstoppers. Having certain credit cards will also help customers gain no-cost EMI. What to look out for when you are a […]

Best ways to convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Product content makes the first sales call  Product content comprises of 3 elements Product title Product description Product images Product Title: Visitors determine the quality of the product page based on the title. Providing right and relevant information in the product title can initiate positive purchase decision. Best practices for product title that converts: Frame the product title in the right format. Let’s say, if the title is in the format: Product Quantity, Brand name, Product name – looks less informative Hence a poorly drafted product title can inversely impact buyer’s decision to purchase the product. For better sales conversions, product title should include Brand name, product name, Color / Size / Quantity in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Maximum product […]

Start your business on Amazon

Top 10 reasons to start a business on Amazon India

1.Get started with the business right away Getting started with a business requires licenses, warehousing, retail spacing and a lot of documentation. Skip all these, and Amazon facilitates you to get started with your business right away. In no time you hold a constructive business. A typical business requires capital, marketing strategy, hiring employees. Amazon streamlines and eases the entire process. Furthermore, a typical business requires pulling in customers. But a business on Amazon already owns huge and extensive customer base upon which the business can be built. 2.Possibility to reach millions of customers across the world Global expansion is a primary objective for both product and service-based business. Expanding a service based business internationally is quite relatively simpler than […]

3 reason for insight mailer

3 reasons why Insight Mailer is a must for Amazon sellers?

Insight Mailer, an Amazon seller tool facilitates 3 important functionalities Helps to improve Amazon seller reputation In Amazon business, a seller reputation is determined by 2 important factors: product reviews and seller  rating. The tool aids to improve all of these. How does it work? Amazon feedback and review management involves two important tasks. Firstly, facilitates to handle negative feedback more effectively The tool provides notification as and when negative feedback is received, and also allows you to rectify negative feedback through professional email communication. Turns out more easier, as it provides you with feedback specific rich templates. Secondly, aids to get more product reviews, seller feedback and ratings that are positive And also, the tool has a wide range […]

cross sell your amazon listing

Cross-sell Amazon product listings with Insight Mailer

Today, mostly all the business are implementing strategies like up-selling and cross-selling to boost their sales revenue. Considering the brick and mortar store, they are trying to cross-sell or up-sell products via deals and discounts, and arrangement of products in the store also has a greater impact. The same is applicable for online business too. When it comes to Amazon business, the competition is high and there are plenty of other sellers who are selling the same or similar product as yours. One of the smart moves is upselling or cross-selling the products on your selling list to the customers who have already made purchases from you. They are your most potential customer base. It is a perfect strategy and […]

A-Z Amazon Guarantee claim

Best practices to escape A-Z Guarantee claims

What is Amazon A-Z Guarantee claims?  These are claims that can be raised by the customers against the sellers. The claims are addressed to Amazon service center. Why are the A-Z guarantee claims a key element to consider?  As an Amazon seller, you are aware of ODR (Order Defect Rate). It is one of the important metrics that define the performance of your seller account. Amazon policy is that the ODR percentage should not exceed 1% of the total orders. A-Z Guarantee claim is one of the three elements that contribute to ODR percentages. Get to know more about it @ When can a customer raise A-Z Guarantee claim? A customer can raise A-Z Guarantee claim under any one […]

Amazon prime day sale 2019

Deals Deals Deals. Amazon Prime Day is here!

One of the most look-forward-to event for all Amazon sellers is the Prime Day event. On the 15th & 16th of July, the Amazon shopping portal will see mind-blowing deals with high traffic & nerve wrecking purchase behavior from customers. A heaven day for sellers, Amazon will fulfill all Prime orders in less than 3 days. Packaging and logistics related issues will be taken care of. New launches of products are expected on Prime day. Insight Mailer tool can be used to send your customized email campaigns that can be automatically scheduled for all your sales orders. The dashboard will also help you reach out to your most loyal and single-purchase customer’s post-sales, for feedback and reviews. Think of it […]

Amazon pricing

Simple tips to price your Amazon products

Consider your total cost First and foremost, analyze and calculate the total cost of the product For a manufacturer, the following costs will be involved Raw material cost Overheads Tax For a retailer, the following costs will be involved Cost price Tax Once you have calculated the total cost of the product, define the profit margin for the product. The selling price can usually fluctuate (+ or -) depending on some of the factors that will be discussed henceforth on this blog. Analyze your competition  When you are selling on Amazon, you are one among plenty of other sellers and there will be at least more than 10 sellers who are into the same/ similar product segment as you are. […]

Sales Rank on Amazon

Mastering sales ranking on Amazon

What is an Amazon sales ranking? The rank is specified for each SKU (product) and Amazon algorithm updates it on frequent basis. Amazon algorithm considers the performance of earlier sales to determine the rank. To note: The rank is independent of the product category. Where does the sales ranking gets indexed on the product page? Amazon sales rank gets indexed in the product information widget on the product page. Importance of mastering sales ranking 1: Higher the sales rank, higher is the chance of attracting customers to the product pages Higher the sales rank,  better is your Amazon sales. Let’s say, a customer is searching for mobile accessories on Amazon. There are plenty of sellers who are into the same […]

Increase your Feedback,Product Reviews and Seller Rating on Amazon

Not every customer who purchased products on Amazon leaves feedback, product review or seller rating.

Increase Seller Feedback

How seller feedback and product reviews can increase sale conversion?

When selling on Amazon, seller feedback and product reviews are integral part of your business.

Tips to Increase Feedback & Sales on Amazon

If you are an Amazon seller, you must be aware that feedback and sales make or break your opportunity of continuing to sell your products on the online platform. In case are a newbie, you will have to strive continually to get reviews and ratings in your favor.

How to Get Automated Feedback, Organic Reviews and Ratings?

“Don’t waste customers’ time asking them questions unless you are prepared to act on what they say.”- Bruce Temkin, Founder,

Tips for Amazon Sellers to Increase their Sales

Growing online is getting competitive every day. Just like all other business,key to grow your Amazon business is understanding your customers.