Order Statistics

Order statistics

Keep track of the number of orders that you received from your customers during a particular period. You can get this count for different time periods of 7, 15, 30, 45 and 90 days. This feature not only gives the individual count of orders for a particular date but also the total count received so far.

Manage your feedback

Insight Mailer sends out emails to your buyers automatically a day or a few days after the delivery date based on how you set the schedule to determine how they rate your performance as a seller. This will give you an idea of whether they are likely to come back to you for future purchases. It also gives you an opportunity to address your customer's grievances before they give you a negative review.
Feedback Management
Repeated Customers

Repeated customers

This feature gives you details about how many times a particular customer made a purchase from you during a specific period. You can get these details for 7, 15, 30, and 45 days. This feature also allows you to send an email regarding a promotional offer for a product for those customers who bought multiple products from you many times.

Professionalized templates

With email templates , you can keep in touch with all your customers easily. We offer a range of professionalized templates that you can choose send emails automatically to your buyers. It can make your work hassle free. This saves you a lot of time that you would have to otherwise spend to reach out to them by sending the emails all by yourself
Professionalized Templates

Product reviews

Insight Mailer sends an e-mail automatically to your customers on your behalf to understand beneficial they found the products that they bought from you. It will help you understand if a product meets the customer’s requirements and if it functions as he/she expect it to be. This helps you build a good rapport with your buyers. The e-mail will include a link for the buyer to leave a review about their purchase on Amazon website. You can schedule the email to be sent one or a few days after the product has been delivered

Customized emails

While predefined templates can help you save a lot of time, you may want to give your e-mails a personal touch to show your customers how much you value them. Insight Mailer gives you the flexibility of modifying the content of any of our templates the way you want and send customized emails to your customers. Or, you can create your own email in a way that you think your customer will like ...
Customized Templates
Negative Review

Negative feedback alert

As an Amazon seller, every customer feedback/ratings counts. With a lot of customers, it is possible that you miss out on at least a couple of them if you try to maintain a manual record. Missing out on negative reviews can do you more harm than good. We can help you by keeping you informed every time you receive a negative review. This can help you to get in touch with those customers and set things right at the earliest.

Product statistics

This feature helps you understand how much sales you have made for a product along with the number of unique customers who bought the same for a specific period. The various time intervals for which you can make this analysis are 7, 15, 30, 45 and 90 days. You can sort the list of products in either ascending order or descending order. Additionally, you can use this feature to run a promotion campaign for a specific group of people who bought a particular product.
Product Statistics
Geo Location

Geographic customer locations

This feature helps you identify where your customers are located and also, it gives you an clear idea of the regions where you have more sales for your products and the regions where there is no reach for your products. It can help you get a better picture where maximum sales come from and where majority of buyers are located