A-Z Amazon Guarantee claim

Best practices to escape A-Z Guarantee claims

What is Amazon A-Z Guarantee claims?  These are claims that can be raised by the customers against the sellers. The claims are addressed to Amazon service center. Why are the A-Z guarantee claims a key element to consider?  As an Amazon seller, you are aware of ODR (Order Defect Rate). It is one of the important metrics that define the performance of your seller account. Amazon policy is that the ODR percentage should not exceed 1% of the total orders. A-Z Guarantee claim is one of the three elements that contribute to ODR percentages. Get to know more about it @ https://www.insightmailer.com/blog/what-a-seller-need-to-know-about-amazon-account-health/ When can a customer raise A-Z Guarantee claim? A customer can raise A-Z Guarantee claim under any one […]