Importance of keywords on Amazon

Importance of keywords selection on Amazon

Amazon now sells millions of products in India and worldwide. When you have a product on amazon, be almost certain you are going to face tough competition from other sellers selling the same or same kind of products. So how do you differentiate yourself or be the first one to be shown to your potential customers? The answer is to have used a proper and most common used keyword as part of your product description. Today shoppers do not filter their search by category. They simply go to the search bar and type their description of what they need. If the exact words are present in your product description, your product will be among the first few to pop up […]

convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Best ways to convert Amazon product page visitors into customers

Product content makes the first sales call  Product content comprises of 3 elements Product title Product description Product images Product Title: Visitors determine the quality of the product page based on the title. Providing right and relevant information in the product title can initiate positive purchase decision. Best practices for product title that converts: Frame the product title in the right format. Let’s say, if the title is in the format: Product Quantity, Brand name, Product name – looks less informative Hence a poorly drafted product title can inversely impact buyer’s decision to purchase the product. For better sales conversions, product title should include Brand name, product name, Color / Size / Quantity in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Maximum product […]